Brand Registration in 3 Steps

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What is Brand Registration ?

Brand Name or Company Name is one of the most important things for any startups in India so today we are talking about brand registration and Brand Name Registration Online and how to register a brand name which secures your company brand register identity from the competitors or if any one person uses then you can stop him legally.

So, First of all, we have to clear some concept regarding the brand name or company name in India. Brand Name and Company Name are both different things. For Ex- Paytm is one of the leading Ecommerce Website in India but their Company name is One97 Communication.

So Here Paytm is the Brand Register online and ONE97 Communication is the Company Name. so the conclusion is  Company name or brand name register can be different or can be the same.

What is Brand Name Registration ?

Brand Name Registration is simplified way of doing the Trademark Registration. Basically when you start your own company in India then you have to choose the Company or Firm Name in India. After that if you want to protect your brand name in india then its required the brand name registration with the logo.

Brand Registration Online Just at 6499/- INR

Trademark Registration have 2 type of the fees or Cost :-
a) Government Fee       b) Registered Trademark Attorney Fee

a) Government Fee are 4500/- INR for the same for the One Class of the trademark. its include your trade name with the logo. so always choose the right trademark class before the filings.

b) Registered Trademark Attorney Fee – its very professional to professional. You have to always file the trademark with the registered trademark attorney. if we are talking about the market price then professional are charge nearby 2000/- to 3000 INR for the same.

Package Includes:

  1. Brand Name Registration
  2. Brand Logo Registration
  3. Brand Registration Application Filing by Lawyer
  4. Govt Fee of the Brand Name Registration

3 Steps For Brand Name Registration Online

Step1.  Fill Up your Brand Registration Form with your Company basic Details
Step2. Make Payment Online 1999/-INR “Cards/Netbanking/UPI” in Secure Payment Gateway
Step3. Be Relax ! You will connect with Dedicated Lawyer and get done in 2-3 days


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There are 2 ways to protect your Brand Registration online or Company Name in India –

Brand Registration Process

Below are the quick process to register your brand. First of all you have to choose the correct Company or Firm name with the logo. after that you can apply for the brand registration in India. Below are the way regarding the Brand Registration Process.

a) Private Limited Company or LLP Registration Way-

Private Limited Company or LLP one of the most popular legal entity among the startups. its one of the most advantageous feature is, once a name is registered under the private limited company then no one other person can create the same name company. so its mean its protect your company name.

But there is confusion that if someone person uses your private limited company name then how you can stop them from marketing or any other purpose legally. so the solution is another way which is mentioned and explained below.

b) Trademark or Brand Registration Way-

Trademark Registration is one of the most popular ways to protect your brand or any trade name in India. In the Brand Registration online, you can protect your trade name and Logo of the brand.

Following are advantages in simple terms to protect your brand name as Trademark in India –

  1. You can use TM Word on your Brand Name
  2. if any one person uses your brand name without your permission then you can send them Legal Notice.
  3. you can protect your website domain name.

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So Hope this article helpful for you to register your Brand or Company Name in India. Here we create a practical video n this How to Register your brand or Company name in India. In this video, you learn about the practice to search for a company name on the MCA Portal and on the trademark website.

How to Check Brand Name Registration Online?

Brand Name Registration can check easily online through trademark official portal. If you want to know more about the Process regarding the checking of Brand Name Registration then you can find here the process about Trademark Search in India.