Trademark is played very important roles for the Startups and Small Business in India but there are a lot of the entrepreneurs which are confused about the Trademark search in India or logo registration or trademark procedure. so today in this guide we discuss the how you can easily search about the trademark online.

Trademark Search

A step by step Guide to Trademark Search India

Have you ever looked at the logo of a company or see it advertisements, you might have seen a circular mark with R or TM  in the middle and you might have wondered what purpose does it serves. Well, this mark is known as

Trademark Search India

Trademark public search. A trademark is used as a protection mechanism by a company to protect or safeguard its intellectual property or a brand name under which it operates from being duplicated or stolen by its rival general terms, the trademark is a means of protecting a brand name which allows an organization to stand apart from its competitors and be uniquely identified by its customers. 

Why is Trademark Necessary?

Nowadays branding is at its peak in India. every business is indulging in branding to create a unique image or a value that can give it an advantage over its competitors. Businesses in India are spending more on branding these days. If you are considering to turn your business into a big brand, Then you must spend on obtaining A trademark public search will allow you to turn your business into a brand and restrict competitors to use your brand name.

Once you have selected a brand name, decided on the business model and might have considered getting it trademarked, but the question arises how you determine that brand name that you have chosen can be given a trademark.

That where doing a trademark search India becomes very crucial for the overall creation of a brand.

So How You Can Conduct a Trademark Search India?

TM search can prove to be very beneficial it will help in the creation of the brand name and also If you conduct a trademark search India, you can know if your selected brand name is already taken or not. Also conducting a trademark search before choosing a brand name can also safeguard from legal actions that may be taken over you.

Now coming to our main topic how to conduct  TM search?

Today I will list all the steps that you can take to conduct a trademark name search.

First and foremost step in trademark public search process is to conduct a search on the databases where the list of existing trademarks are kept.

The databases that you can use to conduct trademark search in India are as follows:

1. IP India Website: 

Intellectual property webpage is the best source for conducting a free trademark name search. As Ip India is a web-based portal that handles all aspects related to the trademark application, re-filling of trademark application and getting trademark registration can conduct trademark search in IP web portal by using wordmark, Vienna code, and phonetic options. In wordmark method you can use specific keywords to conduct a search, Vienna code search is done to find device marks and phonetic search is performed similar to wordmark but without prefixes.

Logo search in India


2. MCA Website:

ministry of corporate affairs website also allows you to check for trademark, you can visit it official website where under company services you can use check the company opted to do a trademark search.

3. ROMARIN Database:

on domain database, you can search for all marks that registered under wipes (world intellectual property organization)Madrid system. Wipo is a premier institution created to promote intellectual property protection throughout the world.

4. Common Law Database:

this can include search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as various yellow pages and business directories.

5. Domain Name Databases :

Domain name database such as Godaddy, big rock, and whois etc.are also advisable to do a trademark search India. As if a domain name is available so the chances of a trademark being available also increase.

Need Help with Trademarks in India

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