Shop Registration Online

Apply Shop Registration under MSME act or GST anywhere in India
Package Start From Just 199/- INR Only


​What is Shop Registration Online ?

Anyone who want to start a small shop anywhere in India they have required to register their shop name with the government of India. So they have 2 option to register their shop name –
a) Shop Registration under the MSME Act 2006
​b) Shop Registration under Shop & Establishment Act from state respective municipal party.

What are the Cost or Charges or Fee of the Shop Registration License ?

MyOnlineCA build a automation platform to get done your Shop Registration under the MSME Act 2006. Our Package Start From Just Only 999/- INR which include following things –

a) Shop Act License Registration Certificate under MSEM Act
b) Free Government Scheme for Small Business PDF Booklet for getting loans etc.
​c) Free 10+ Premium Legal Agreements Templates for running your shop legally.


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Which is the best registration option to register my shop name with the government of India ?

Above both are best option to register your shop or trade name with the government but we recommend go with the MSME Registration on your shop which is one of the cheapest and fast way to get the certification without any renewal cost.

Features or Benefits of the Shop Registration under the MSME Act 2006 ?

a) Legal Entity Proof – Each shop or business required a legal entity proof like proprietorship firm or partnership firm etc. Shop Registration under the msme act 2006 provide a legal entity proof which gives the right for doing the business in your area or state for the same.

b) Business Bank Account – Every banks is required a legal entity proof to open a current bank account. Each shop have to open a separate bank account for the daily transactions as per the RBI Compliance. so on the basis of the shop certificate you can easily open a current business bank account.

c) Government Benefits – Each state have a DIC Department which create the policy in the respective state for the all small business. On the basis of Shop License Registration Certificate you can easily avail the government benefits.

d) Trustworthy – Shopkeeper are trader or wholesaler or any other type of business but all needs the trust from the customer. Shop Registration under the MSME Act gives you trust between the customer when you mentioned your license registration number on the invoice or shop board.

e) Lifetime Certification – Shop License Registration under the MSME Act 2006 gives you the lifetime valid Certification so its is not required the renewal cost. so its just only one time cost for the same.

​What are the documents requried for the Shop Registration License ?

Following documents are required for the same

  1. Aadhar Card Copy of the Applicant
  2. Pan Card Copy of the Applicant
  3. Basic Details information like about business and personal info.

Procedure to Apply for the Shop Act License Registration under MSME Act ?

MyOnlineCA have a simplified Platform to get done your Shop License Registration under MSME Act –
a) Simply fillup our application form in the system
b) Make the Payment Online via debit card/credit card/net banking in secure way.
​c) Get done your Registration Certificate on your Email in next 2 days.

What are the disadvantage to Register the Shop under the Shop Act License ?

a) Incorporation Cost is very high under the respective shop act license state wise.
b) Issued by the government for the 1 year so each year have to renew the same.
c) Required the more paperwork for the approval from the concerned authority.