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What is GST Registration ?

​GST Registration introduced in India from July 2017. As per the act its a mixture of indirect tax like VAT & Service tax for the same. It is required when your turnover or sales cross more than 40 lakh rupees in a year ( 10 lakh for NE * Hill States) as per the latest amendment from 1st April 2019.

For some specific business, it is mandatory registration without crossing the turnover limit. For ex, if you are running an e-commerce business then you have to require the GST Registration from the starting of business.

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GST Registration Fees

​We at MyOnlineCA offers an awesome package for the GST Registration in India.
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#1 GST Registration Certificate with ARN & GSTIN Number.
#2 GST Return Filing Simplified Excel Template to maintain records.
#3 GST HSN and SAC Code with Rates Guide
#4 GST Invoice Template
#5 10+ Premium Legal Agreements Template for new business.


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What are the Features of the GST Registration in Short?

#1 The concept of New GST Registration – Simply its a mixture of the all other taxes like VAT/CST or Service tax or Excise duty or Entertainment tax, etc. and introduced in India from July 2017.
#2 GST Registration Limit – if your business turnover or sales cross more than 40 lakh rupees in a year except in some certain business it’s required from starting.
#3  GST Registration Tax Rates – GST Tax rates are very product or services. It’s starting from 0% to 28% for the same.
#4 GST Input Tax Credit Scheme – Only GSTIN Holder’s which are registered under the GST can avail the input tax credit scheme where they can claim the tax which is already paid during the purchase of products or services.
#5 GST Return Filing Concept – All the GSTIN Holder’s have to file the 3 GST Return monthly or quarterly basis but have to pay the taxes every month.
#6 GST Registration under Composition Scheme – GST Registration has an option for the composition scheme when you have less than 1 cr. turnover and want to pay taxes per month from 1% to 5% without a claim the input tax credit.

Which Business Mandatory Online GST Registration ?

It’s all depend on 8 factors or criteria for the GST Registration

#1 Previous Law Converted Taxpayer – if any individual or companies are registered under the previous tax law like service tax or VAT or cst etc then  they have required the New GST Registration.
#2 Turnover basis – if your business sales or turnover cross more than 40 lakh rupees in a year then its required the GST Registration. For some state like North-Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand the limit is only 10 lakh rupees in a year.
#3 Event or Exhibition – In the GST Act its called the casual taxpayer. If they don’t have any permanent place of business then they can apply for the casual taxpayer under the GST Registration. It’s valid for a maximum of 90 days (3 months).
#4 Non-Resident Indian (NRI) – if you are a non-resident person of India or handling the business of NRI in India then it’s required to apply for the GST Registration Online.
#5 The agent of Suppliers or Input tax Distributor – if you are an input tax service distributor then it’s required to apply for the GST Registration to carry forward the benefit of an input tax credit under GST Law.
#6 Reverse Charge Mechanism – Under GST Law there is term reverse charge mechanism so if you fall under that category then its required the GST registration.
#7 E-commerce Sellers – if you are an E-commerce Sellers of the leading aggregator portal like Flipkart or Amazon then yes you need the GST Registration.
#8 E-Commerce Aggregator Portal – if you are thinking to start your own E-commerce business then for Ecommerce Business Registration you need the GST Registration for the same.
#9 Outside India Online Portal – if you are software as a service company and providing information & database access from outside India to Indian visitors then it’s required to register under the GST.

What are the benefits of the GST Registration

There are a lot of the benefits under GST Registration which are following :-
#1 More Strong as compare to Competitor – GST Registration gives you a valid legal entity registration so you can easily show your valid proof to any other firm or person.
#2 Take Input tax credit – GST Registration holders can avail the input tax credit during the purchase of any goods or services. So if you are B2B Business then its required GST registration from starting.
#3 Sell in India anywhere – GST Registration holders can sell their products or services anywhere across India. So there is no boundation like VAT/CST. You can easily supply the products interstate.
#4 Open a current business bank account – GSTIN Holder’s can open easily a current bank account on the basis of GST Registration Certificate.
#5 Sell Online – if you thinking about the e-commerce then on the basis of GSTIN Registration Number you can easily sell with e-commerce portals like Amazon or Flipkart etc
#6 Bid for the Govt Projects – if you are contractor & want to apply for any type of the govt tender then all the Govt Projects required only valid firms with the GST Number.
#7 Accept big projects from MNC – Until if you not a valid business with the valid legal entity proof, MNC are not dealing with the same.
#8 Increase Trust between your customer’s – if you issue a Valid GSTIN Tax invoice then it increases the trust between your customer’s & increases your brand value.

How to Apply for GST Number Official GST Portal

1) First of all, just log in on GST official Portal.
2) Fill up the Part A of GST Registration Form-1 by the Professional.
3) You will get received the reference number via email and mobile number.
4) Fill Up the second part of the registration form and upload the below documents as per the business entity.
5) Finally, a Certificate of Registration has been issued by the Government of India once your application is approved.​

But ALWAYS Remember it’s not easy like this. You always need help from professional to choose the right range AO Code and Circle etc.

What is GST Registration Number ?

GST Registration number is an identification number which is assign to each Firm or Company or Individual.Its a like a PAN Number for the same. Its a 15 digit unique tax identification number. The first two digit show the state code & another next 10 digit show the pan number of the entity or person. Apart from this next 1 number show the state Code & another 2 number are random. For Ex – 08AAKCM0506E1ZT

GST Registration Number is 15 Digit identification number which is allotted to each applicant. it’s completely based on the Pan Number and State code. First two digit represent the state code and another 10 digits represent the Pan number of the client , one digit represents the entity code( Like proprietorship firm or partnership, etc), one digit is blank and the last one represents check digit.

What are the Documents Required for the GST Registration ?

You have to required to prepare some of the documents as per the legal entity :-

a) In the case of Sole Proprietorship Firm –
– Pan Card and Address Proof of the proprietor.
– any other firm registration certificate like MSME Registration etc.
b) In case of Partnership Firm –
– Pan card of the Partnership Firm with the deed.
– Partnership registration certificate & partners id & address proof.
c) In the case of Private Limited Company or One Person Company –
– Pan Card of the Company , COI , MOA & AOA of Company.
– Board Resolution with Directors Id & Address Proof.
d) In the case of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) –
– COI & Pan Card of Company.
– Deed + Partners Id & Address Proof

Apart from the above docs its required the bank statement copy or passbook and proper business place electricity bill copy with the NOC or sale deed etc.​
For the more information check here about documents required for GST registration

What is GST Registration Online Process ?

We simplified GST Registration Process in just 3 Steps –
1) Place a Request in the above form with your basic details.
2) Make the online payment professional fee via cards/net banking/upi
3) Get Connected with a Dedicated CA which helps you on entire GST Registration.

What is the Penalty for GST Registration ?

Under the GST Act law if you are liable to register under the GST but still you ignore the same or not paying or making short payment of the GST Tax Payment then there is penalty respective the 10% of the total tax amount subject to a minimum of 10000/- INR.

The penalty can be 100% of the tax amount when the offence is subject to deliberately evaded paying taxes.

What is the Compliance after the GST Registration ?

After the GST Registration, each assessee has to file the GST Returns as per the compliance. if you are registered under the regular scheme of the GST then you have to file the monthly basis returns for the same. Composition dealers have to file the quarterly basis with some conditions. you can check out here all about GST Return Filing.

The FAQ on the GST Registration Online

1) What is the Full Form of GSTIN Number ?
GSTIN is referring to Goods and service tax identification number which we already discussed above the 15 digit GSTIN Number.

2) When GST Registration is required mandatory for any type of business ?
Basically, it’s required only when your sales cross more than 40 lakh rupees in a year but some business like B2B or E-commerce or Trader’s which is required interstate sales needed GST Registration from the Starting of business.

3) Do I need the Multiple GSTIN For my Business ?
If your business is dealing into the products or services both or different type of the products or services then you can easily mention in your GST Certificate about these services or products. So it not required the multiple GSTIN Number for your business.
But if you are setting up your business in a different state & supply the goods or services from that different location then yes it’s required the multiple GST Registration for the same.

4) Can we apply GST on our Firm or Brand Name ?
Yes, GST Registration required a one legal entity name, so if you are registered as proprietorship firm then yes you can provide your any firm name. There are no name guidelines on the firm name while applying for the GST registration.

5) Do I need Commercial Address for the GST Registration ?
No, if you are running your business from home then the residential address can be registered with the GST. It is required only the proof of address like electricity bill copy with the NOC or sale deed or rent agreement copy etc.

6) Do I need a bank account for the GST Registration ?
Yes, you need a personal saving bank account or current bank account. If you are new business and have only the personal saving bank account then you can provide the same & after the GST Registration, you can apply for the new current bank account on the basis of GST Certificate.

7) What action required after the GST Registration ?
Once you applied for the GST Registration, after that each month you have to raise the GST Invoice to your customer or client & charge the proper GST Amount from them. At the end of the month you have to pay the taxes online for the same.

8) What if I am selling across India then required multiple GST ?
No, you need only 1 GST Registration for the same. With the GST Registration, you can sell interstate for the same.

9) How many times takes for the GST Registration ?
Normally, it always depends on Government approval. So it takes min 4-5 days for the GST Registration.

10) There is any rejection during the GST Registration ?
Yes, if there are not proper documents then GST Registration is subject to govt approval. If govt officer denied the application then you have to file the fresh new GST registration.

11) If I have already VAT/CST or Service tax then do I need change into GST ?
Yes, you have to migrate into the GST Registration for the same. For that simply login your old respective portal where you will get the provisional user id after that simply create your GSTIN User id on the basis of Provisional user id. After that, the procedure is the same which is mentioned above for GST Registration.

12) What is GST Composition Scheme under GST Law ?
If your turnover is less than 1.5 Cr except for some state like North-Eastern states and Himachal Pradesh where limit if 75 lakh rupees. ( Updated from 1st April 2019) So you can opt for the Composition Scheme during the GST Registration.

13) All the business less than 1.5 cr turnover eligible for the Composition Scheme ?
No, all the business are not eligible even they have less than 1.5 Cr. turnover For ex –

All services business except the restaurant.
If business deals interstate
If annual turnover is more than 1.5 Cr
E-commerce sellers or Importer of Goods
Supplier of non-taxable items etc.

14) How to Track GST Registration Status ?
Once your application has been filed, after that you will get the ARN Number which is treated as acknowledgement number. So you can easily track your application status by ARN Number. For more details on this check out this article.

15) What documents required for Place of Business proof ?
It’s always required electricity bill copy even if have rented a place and NOC From the landlord. NOC Format will be shared by myonlineca during the registration process.

16) How to Choose HSN or SAC Code during GST Registration ?
HSN or SAC Code refers to Goods and Services code. So at myonlineca, our CA helps you to choose the right HSN or SAC Code after getting details about your business.

17) When Digital Signature is required for the GST Registration ?
DSC is required only in case of the private limited company or OPC or LLP etc. for the Proprietorship Firm or partnership firm, it’s not required the DSC.​

18) Do I have to visit the GST Department with my paper for any verification ?
No, MyOnlineCA takes care of each thing. So you have not required to visit any kind of govt office etc. simply register on our website and get done your GST Registration at fingertips.

19) How I have to send my documents to myonlineca for GST Registration ?
Simply we accept documents secure over email or WhatsApp. Don’t worry about your documents, we have always 100% confidential policy and after the work, your documents have been deleted from the system.

20) Why I Choose MyOnlineCA for my GST Registration ?
We have a solid 5 reasons to Choose myonlineca for the GST Registration:-
a) Trusted by 25k+ companies & small business across India.
b) Govt Startup India Certified Portal
c) Issued more than 10K+ GSTIN Numbers
d) Help in GST Return Filing Compliance etc.