Company Registration in Kerala

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Kerala is an Indian state in South India on the Malabar Coast. Kerala is rapidly emerging as a business destination. Kerala government is aiming to create an environment to facilitate the transformation of the state into a business hub and a preferred investment destination. If you want to start a business in Kerala, then you need to register a company from central or Kerala State government. Today in this guide I am going to tell you the detailed procedure of a New Company Registration in Kerala.

​Even kerala government also launched the Startup Policy which helps to upcoming new entrepreneurs or startups in Kerala state.
If you are starting a business, you need two types of registration-

  1. Business Registration From Government of India
  2. Tax Registration From Central or Kerala state government

Company Registration in Kerala Fee

Sale within Kerala State – 1499 INR
– MSME Registration Certificate
– CA Certification on Firm Name

Sale or Service Outside State – 2499 INR
– GST Registration Certificate
– 10+ Premium Legal Agreements

3 Steps For Company Registration in Kerala

Step1. Choose Package and Fill Up your Company Registration in Kerala Form and Upload your Pan Card
Step2. Make Payment Online 1499/- or 2499/ INR  “Cards/Netbanking/UPI”  via Secured Gateway
Step3. Be Relax ! You will get certificate in 2-5 days on Registered Email id with us & connect with experts via call


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Business Registration Type

There is 5 type of legal entity of the business in India. To register a business in Kerala first you have to choose the proper legal entity. After you make the decision about the legal entity, you can register a company online. Here is a guide for how to register a company online with proper legal entity in Kerala-

1. Private Limited Company Registration in Kerala

Pre-Registration process for Private Limited Company Incorporation in Kerala. There is some basic requirement for registering a private limited company in India such as-

  1. You require at least 2 Directors or shareholders in the company
  2. Valid Director Identification Number (DIN) for proposed Directors. It can take around 3-5 working days to obtain DIN.
  3. One of the Directors should have a valid digital signature. The digital signature can be obtained in one hour.
  4. Authorize Capital 1 lakhs

Name Availability
The name you are choosing for your company should be unique in all over India. Within one or two days you can get a confirmation from Registrar of Companies (ROC) about the name you have applied.

When your company name is approved, you need to submit Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). At this stage, you need to pay stamp duty.

Filing and Registration
You need to submit MOA and AOA with ROC along with Form 1 (Declaration), Form 32 (Details of Directors) and Form 18 (Details of Registered Office of the company). If you have submitted all the documents in order, your business will be registered, and the Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by Registrar. You can start the operations as soon as you get the certificate.

If you are starting a business with your friend or partner, then a private limited company is the best option for a start-up in Kerala. Here are some reasons to choose private limited company in Kerala-

  1. The private limited company has a limited liability means your personal assets are separate from company’s assets.
  2. If you want to raise funds from a venture capitalist or angel investors, then it is the best option for you.
  3. It provides you name protection means no one can use the same name.
  4. If you want to hire employees from reputed institutions such as IIMs or IITs and want to give them Employee Stock Option (ESOP) along with the salary, then you can go for this type of legal entity

In Kerala professional consultants charge around INR 18000/- to 25000/- to register the private limited company which includes all government costs and professional charges.

2. LLP Registration in Kerala

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has the features of partnership firm and a limited company. Management of LLP is defined by the LLP agreement, and partners have the freedom to regulate the affairs. Minimum two persons are required to register an LLP, and there is no restriction on a maximum number of members.

You are required to have Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN) for every Partner and a valid digital signature for at least one partner.

Apply for the Name-
​Request a name which reflects your business and should be according to the LLP name guidelines.

​After approval of the name, you need to submit LLP registration documents to Registrar of LLP. If all of your documents are in order, the Registrar of LLP will register the LLP and Certificate of Registration will be issued.

Within 30 days from the date of incorporation, partners of LLP have to execute the LLP agreement, and the same has to file with Registrar of LLP with form 3 and Form 4.

In Kerala professional consultants charge around INR 9000/- to 10000/- to register the LLP which includes all government costs and professional charges.

3. OPC Registration in Kerala

One Person Company (OPC) is a similar legal entity like a private limited company. You need only one person during the registration process. When you are the single founder and want like a private limited company, this is the best option for you.

OPC Consultants charges between INR 13000/- to 15000/- for the OPC Registration in Kerala which includes all government costs and professional charges.

These three entities are registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and state MCA ROC Department.

4. Partnership Firm Registration in Kerala

You need at least two people for the registration of partnership firm. It is an unregistered legal entity. The cost of registration of partnership firm depends on the registrar of the firm. To register a partnership firm in Kerala professional consultants charge around INR 4000/- to 7000/- which includes all government costs and professional charges.

5. Proprietorship Firm Registration in Kerala

To register a proprietorship firm only one person is required. It is also an unregistered legal entity which gives you the right to do the business in Kerala. The cost of proprietorship firm in Kerala depends on the nature of business and tax registration. You can apply for local municipal party shop act license.

Tax Registration From Kerala Government

Tax registration gives you the right to collect the tax from your customers so that you can pay the tax to Kerala Government. It is expected that the new GST Registration will be applicable from July 2017, but before that VAT/CST or Service Tax Registration, You have to require the proper Tax Registration in Kerala state.

I hope this article will help you to start your business in Kerala. We recommend to all the startups in kerala i.e must hire any professional online like myonlineca which helps you to register your company online across Kerala anywhere at your fingertips.