In Today’s Article at Myonlineca, We Inform you about How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in India, We will give you full Information regarding steps and Legal compliance that you need to take while Starting Fruit Juice Business In India.How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in India

What is the Fruit Juice Business In India?

Everyday, Juices are consumed by humans in various types of fruits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, grains, grapes, guava, mangoes, litchi, jamuns, dates, cherries, curonda etc in everyday life. Fruit Juice Business is possible in two ways, the first method is to sell Fresh Juice by opening its shop in a busy market and second method is by selling it in the market by processing and packaging the juice. Where the first method sets the limit for the business of entrepreneur, by adopting another method, the entrepreneur can sell his juice anywhere in India.You can also consider opening a  Fresh juice Franchise In India.

Market Potential for Fruit  juice business in India

Fruit Juice business in India is a fast-growing business, because packaged juice is easily available everywhere, and uses the property to be used. According to one figure, Fruit Juice Industry In India can be 21 billion and 14 million US dollars by 2018. Currently, Juice’s Per Capita Consumption in India is much less than other countries. In Germany, where this figure is 45 liter per person, the same is 22.5 in Switzerland, 39 liters in the United States, whereas in India this figure is only 20 milliliters per person. If we compare the usage of the per capita juice in India to other countries, we will find that this figure is very low, which means that this figure will also increase with urbanization. Apart from this, it is also not completely true that there is a shortage of Juice production in India because India is the second largest producer of juice in the world, but not enough availability of Cold Storage and due to lack of refrigerated vehicles, The juice has to be thrown. Yes, if the entrepreneur starts this business from a local area and gradually moves forward, then this business can be profitable.

How to start Fruit Juice Business

1.Discover a Flavors based on research and feedback :

Although the production of juice in the fruit juice production business must be in accordance with the Guidelines for FSSAI. And naturally any fruit juice should be high in the amount of juice squeezed from the fruit, but many food colors, sugar, the preservative can be used to flavor this juice. Therefore, as an experimenter should use the juice of some fruit juice and take feedback about the people who know it, and prepare their Juice flavor according to their feedback and research, if the entrepreneur wants this recipe, then So that when he produces juice professionally, the juice becomes the same as the people gave feedback.

2.Get a Location to production:

When choosing a location, the entrepreneur has to take care of different things, even in the nearby places, how much juice is used every day and how much percent of the juice will be sold in the Target Market, also has to be analyzed. Initially, the entrepreneur should start with the low Plant Capacity so that the entrepreneur can increase his plant capacity along with the sale. While selecting the location, it is very important to keep in mind that whether the basic features like electricity, water, road, manpower exist in that location. Apart from this, the assistance and support given by the government are also to be considered.

3.Create a Business Plan for Juice shop:

Business Plan should be made keeping in mind the expenses and earnings. By having a business plan, the entrepreneur will save himself from being in the dark or the challenges in business will already solve a solution to the difficulties as the business plan will help the entrepreneur to give information about the fluctuations in his business. A good business plan, where the entrepreneur will be informed about his financial goals, will also provide information about the size of his business.

4.License and registration for Fruit Juice Business In India:

In order to start Fruit Juice business In India, the entrepreneur is required to get various types of registration, in which FSSAI license and GST registration is mandatory. The entrepreneur wants that he should choose one of the different business entities in the Registrar of companies. After that, get a license to deal with the local authority such as the municipality, municipal council etc. If the entrepreneur wants to get the benefit of various schemes introduced by the Government of India for small industries, then it can also register its business in the industrial base. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license and tax registration is mandatory to do this business. Apart from this, if the entrepreneur wants that his business logo and brand should not be used commercially by any other company or person then the entrepreneur should also register his Trademark.

5.Purchase raw Materials and machinery :

Although the entrepreneur should purchase quotations from various vendors before purchasing machinery and raw materials for his Fruit Juice  Business In India, and then by doing comparative analysis he should select the seller for himself. But the work of seeking quotations should be done only during the time required for the license and registration. The following is a possible list of the machinery which the entrepreneur may require for fruit juice production business.

  • Juice Extractor
  • Pasteurizer
  • Filling and sealing machine
  • Cooling machine
  • Automatic Bottle Away (Conveying Unit)
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Washing, inspection and measuring instruments.
  • Blank bottles, packets, labels, and lid.
  • Juice boiler.
  • Finisher
  • The list of raw materials mainly consists of fruits, preservative, sugar, food colors, besides empty bottles

6. Hire Manpower:

Now the next step should be the Manpower hiring for the Fruit Juice Business In India, the entrepreneur may require a Plant Manager, 1 Technical Manager, 2 Supervisor, 1 electrician, 1 peon, 1 driver etc. Or if the entrepreneur wants to hire manpower according to his budget, and as soon as business starts growing, manpower can be hired.

7. Start production and sell your product in Market:

When you are done with Performing all the steps listed above It is time to start the production or packaging of Fruit Juices For Sale in The Market.


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