In Today’s Article, we will discuss what are these Trademark symbols and What is The meaning of these Symbols. in the earlier article we talk about the trademark search in India. Now we will provide to you with full information that will enable you to clearly understand concepts related to Trademark symbols.

All About Trademark Symbols TM,SM ,R And C

TM, R and C symbol are  used with a trademark or copyright to indicate that intellectual property is registered by its owner or inventor and that the owner has right to file a complaint or can take any business to the court if they have stolen the idea or any other intellectual property belonging to the idea owner or inventor . TM, R, and C symbols often generate curiosity among common People and they want to know why most of the brands or artists use these symbols with their logos, Brand-name, Business name or devices and creative work.

Trademark Symbols or TM Symbols

A Trademark is a unique mark that is used to uniquely and separately identify a business trading in goods and services from other organization who may be in same business or same category. In order to obtain a trademark, a proprietor has to file a trademark application with the Registrar of Trademark In India and then only The TM symbol can be used.Registering a trademark ensures the right of a person by providing legal evidence of ownership. The Trademark symbols is thus used to indicate that a trademark is registered to be used by the organization to exclusively use a brand name and business process and serves as a warning for Duplicators, copycats, and counter-fitters, allowing the holder to sue violators.

SM Symbol

A symbol “SM” is used to denote the trademark for services.SM or Service Mark is a symbol used with trademark applications that are filed under class 35-45.A service mark is used for the purpose of advertising of the services. Using the TM symbol for all classes or using an SM mark for trademark application under class 35-45 are both acceptable.

 R Symbol

The R symbol denotes a trademark is Registered and the Owner or creator of a brand enjoys protection from infringement and violation of the Trademark laws In India.It helps in preventing unauthorized use and copying of the services and products that are offered by the business. A Registered trademark comes with a legal binding.Using the R symbol next to the trademark is legally allowed only once a trademark is registered, Use of the R symbol after the filing of a trademark application or without getting trademark registration is unlawful In India.

C Symbol

The C symbol is used to insinuate that an owner of creative work has copyright and his a creative work like artwork, photography, videography, books, literary works, software etc are protected by law. The C symbol is used with the copyright holder name and the year of first publication In the country In which the work is copyrighted.C symbol provides a person with legal protection and establishes ownership over the creative work. A person who has modified or copied any creative work can be sued in a court for violation of copyright provided one has all legal papers in place. A C symbol is valid for a lifetime.  In some countries, the proper use of C symbol is a must to claim copyright protection. However, the Berne Convention mandates the use of C symbol to claim copyright protection and India is a member of Berne Convention. Hence, If you want to get the protection of creative work in India, then getting C symbol is necessary.