In this article we are going to discuss about Project Report Excel Format for Bank Loan. You will get project report sample for bank loan in excel format with things to know about what kind of attestation is required on the project report, when it is required and when it is not required and how you can prepare the project report yourself, whether it is on Mudra Scheme or Pmegp Loan Scheme or any other government scheme where you can easily create project report by yourself.

What is the Project Report

Project report is a simple document which gives all the information to the bank about the details and goals of the project and the financial protection is for 5 years as to how much sales you will make within 5 years, how much will be spent and how much profit will be made.Whatever the details of the project, whether it is the budget or the amount of capital required, all these things are mentioned in the project report.

And the most important thing is that there is no standard format of project report, but we are going to discuss the common format which will help you in preparing the project report.

Project Report Excel Format for Bank loan

Here we will discuss how to prepare project report sample for bank loan in excel format, what are the things in it, it is important to mention because having a proper and appropriate format reflects the role of your implementation.

  • Cover Page – Your project report should have a professional cover page that includes the project title, business name, and contact information.
  • Mention Executive Summary – Your project report should be a concise overview of the topic of the project, highlight the objective and mention why you are taking the loan amount.
  • Mention the overview of the business – You will have to introduce your business with details including information about the products, services and the industry in which it is operating because it is important to mention all these things.
  • Description of the project will have to be given – Within which it has to be explained what is the purpose of starting the project and what are the specific activities involved in it and here the information includes the market target, demand and the timeline of when the project will be completed.
  • Financial protection must be mentioned – This is a censorial section in which you are required to present details related to finance.
  • Project implementation details to be mentioned – In which you will have to tell the plan of execution of the project step by step and from where you have taken the necessary resources like personal technology and raw material. All this stuff needs to be mentioned.
  • Mention risk analysis details to be mentioned – Banks always appreciate borrowers who clearly understand the potential challenges and have contingency plans.
  • Conclusion – Explain all the summary points in the project report.Which displays your project report in a very effective manner.

Project Report Sample for Bank Loan in Excel Format

Download Here Project Report Excel Format for Bank Loan.

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These are some important points which are important to keep in mind :

  • If you are applying for Mudra Loan then first of all you have to select the preference for the sponsoring agency of the project to the bank and you have to choose the option of DIC ruler or Urban.
  • And if you are applying for a loan under PMEGP then you can choose KVIC or if you are choosing for any other purpose then you can choose simply the DIC option.

Whenever you prepare a project report, these are some points which you need to fill in.

  1. Firstly click on the name of the applicant option.
  2. Click on Father/ Spouse name.
  3. Click on the qualification option and if you have a technical degree, you can also mention it.
  4. Click on the option of Unit address.
  5. Click on the option and if you want to fill it, you can do so Product & by product option.
  6. Click on the Cost of the project
  7. Click on the option of Name of the Project and Nature of Business.
  8. Click on the Means of finance option
    8.1 Term loan
    8.2 Fill KVIC Margin Money or Own Capital.
  9. Click on Debt Service Coverage Details.
  10. Click on Payback Period
  11. Fill the option of Project Implementation period.
  12. Click on break even point.
  13. Click on the employment option.
  14. Click on Major Raw Materials.
  15. Fill the option of Estimated Annual Sales.


And in this way you can easily prepare your project report automatically. By submitting a compelling project report you can demonstrate your commitment and preparedness to the bank, amplifying your opportunity to obtain the funds needed to take your business to new prominence. So start creating your project report today and see your walk on the path to financial success with the help of bank loans as per your business needs.