Today in this Guide let’s learn about PMEGP Project Report Format. In this Guide you learn about Components of the Project Report for PMEGP Loan and How you can Create PMEGP Project Report for the Loan with our Simplified Format. Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency also known as MUDRA is an initiative by the GOI to provide funding to people who want to start a new business or to expand their existing business. Mudra and PMEGP provides finance to banks to further lend money to people residing in rural and urban India. To avail PMEGP loan, an applicant needs to submit a project report to the lender along with all the required documents.

PMEGP loan offers bank loans at affordable interest rates for setting up of MSME. To avail PMEGP and Mudra loan, applicants need to submit a project report. The project report contains all business-related information with company background and information on various business activities that an entrepreneur plans to undertake and accomplish. Applicants will self-create the online project report for pmegp loan and it’s easy to comprehend their own knowledge and thoughts.

Components of PMEGP Project Report Format ?

PMEGP project report format and PMEGP project report consists of all business-related details that are as follows:

  1. Budget
  2. Business Equipment Details
  3. Information of Products and Services
  4. Logistics Details
  5. Manufacturing Processes
  6. Space or Land Requirement
  7. Business Owner Details

Illustrative Inclusions in The Project Report for PMEGP Loan : –

Below is the description of components of project report for pmegp

  • Summary of the business/project: This talks about what the business or the project is, about the requirement of finance etc.
  • Scope of the business: Describe about the scope of the project, it is current status & the prospects of future. It is about the technical & financial feasibility of the project.
  • Details about the promoters & other significant executives: Details out the profile, educational qualification, experience of the promoters & key personnel.
  • Resources required: Infrastructure, machinery etc. Describe about the Infrastructure & technical requirements of the project, along with the cost & capacity.
  • Investment required: Specify the details about the investment required along with the specifications.

PMEGP Loan Project Report Format Download

We create simplified PMEGP Project Report in Excel Format which you can download and Modified as per your Requirements. Even if you want to take Expert help then MyOnlineCA Provides CA Team for the Project Report. You can Simply Download Our App Here for Project Report for Bank Loan.

How to Fill-Up Excel Format for Project Report for PMEGP Loan : –

There are two sheet named Data Sheet and Print. If you fill the data sheet then your data automatically print on the other sheet.

Step 1: Select and Click KVIC in case of PMEGP or Click DIC for mudra loan.

Step 2: Fill the name, Gender, address, qualification, category of applicant.

Step 3: Fill the Project type, Name of Project/business, Business building details (Area, Rate etc.), Machinery details and working capitals (preliminary & pre-operative cost, furniture & Fixtures & miscellaneous).

Step 4: Fill Means of financing- as per the standard.

Step 5: Fill Details of sales, raw materials, wages, salary details.

Step 6: Fill Working capitals Estimates (if you are running any factory/manufacturing unit)

Step 7: Fill Power Estimates and depreciation.

Step 8: In the INTRODUCTION section you need to fill the complete details of your business.

Step 9: Fill ABOUT THE PROMOTER Section- In this section you need to fill the details of Business owner details like qualification, background etc.

Step 10: After filling all the details click on Print and take Print out of the document. You can also save pmegp project report format in pdf.

Through this excel format of pmegp loan project report you can easily create your project report to apply for PMEGP and Mudra loan.