Today in this guide we let you know about Govt Started New LLP Registration. let you know that recently Govt of India Suspend the New LLP Registration due to Restriction on the DPIN But now they issued a notification through MCA then its will be soon open for the new LLP Registration.

On 18th September of 2018 government of India issued a notification which amended the LLP registration process and made amendments in e-filing forms. The amendment comes into force on 2nd October of 2018. This article talks about amendments of LLP registration. The government makes amendments for rapid incorporation of an LLP. Now Central Registration Centre processed some forms under MCA.

Government started new LLP registration

What is the Central Registration Centre?

The Central Registration Centre (CRC) is an initiative of MCA in GPR that is Government Process Re-engineering with the specific objective of providing speedy incorporation related services. So this will save your time during the establishment of an LLP. It makes changes in the incorporation process of an LLP. Before this amendment, all filings were done to the ROC filling now some forms submitted to the CRC.

What are the Changes?

LLP-RUN (Reserve Unique Name) Web Service- This process will replace the Form1. Prior this amendment you had to fill a form 1 for reservation of name and changes for the title. Now you have to use this web service RUN for reserving your LLP name. This service will be processed by CRC.

Fillip- This form introduced for Incorporation of an LLP. Before this amendment, you had to fill a form 2 for incorporation of an LLP. Now FiLLiP replaced the Form 2. Earlier form 2 was used for incorporation document and subscribers statements now FiLLiP is integrated form for offering multiple services like Allotment of Director identification number. This form is similar to a SPICe form in the company incorporation process. Earlier it was a difficult to the process of LLP incorporation now this amendment makes it easy. FiLLiP also includes name reservation. Now you have two choices you can choose FiLLiP or LLP-RUN web service, it depends on you.

Form 5– there are minor changes in form 5. This is filing for notice for changing the name. Earlier this form was shows some prefilled details now you have to fulfill every aspect. And currently, it is processed by CRC.

Form 17 and 18 –Form 17 is an Application and statement for the conversion of a firm into LLP and Form 18 is an Application and Statement for conversion of a Private Company/Unlisted Public Company into LLP. In both forms minor modification came, now you have to submit to CRC and have to fulfill details of form 1 which is substituted by LLP RUN.

Registration of an LLP after amendment

  • Obtain DSC- the First step is to obtain Digital Signature Certificate for the proposed director. During E filing of a form, you need to fill your DSC in every E form, so it is very important to get your DSC.
  • Reserve your name under LLP-RUN- before amendment you had to fill form 1 for reservation of name. Now CRC makes it easy, and you can use LLP-RUN web service for reserving your LLP name. It is straightforward and easy. You can file this with alternate two names.
  • Fill your FiLLiP- you have to fill this form after amendment. FiLLip offering DIN. So you will get your Director Identification number through FiLLiP. And also if you don’t want to reserve your LLP name under LLP-RUN service, then you can reserve yours through FiLLiP. The subscriber’s statement is also filing with this form. If everything okay with the form then it will be accepted by ROC and Certificate of Incorporation will be issued to you.
  • File LLP agreement – you have to file LLP agreement within 30 days of Incorporation of LLP. You have to submit form 3 for this. There is no amendment under form 3, the filing of this form is mandatory for an LLP within 30 days of Incorporation.

Conclusion for Government Started New LLP Registration: 2018

As you can see that there are many changes made under the amendment which will come into force on 2nd October 2018. As you can see that there are new forms introduced like FiLLiP which makes the process easy and faster. And now a process of Incorporation of an LLP is easier and simple as above mentioned. FiLLiP form changes the process of registration earlier it was confusing. Now name reserving facility through LLP RUN and FiLLiP is simple and people have two choices now, they can reserve their name in any one of them. So before filing for Incorporation, you should read these above-given changes carefully.