Are you thinking of a kickass career? What if you get the opportunity to work with the super-cool environment of startups?

Life changes drastically if you work in a startup. You automatically get prepared to survive the toughest battles of your life; every day teaches you the precious lessons for your entire life.

There is a lot of positive energy, fun, learning and enthusiasm. Be ready to break your limits.

#1. Nobody lets you down, We motivate each other.
Failure can not fail you. There would be people who will always be with you in all thick and thin.
#2. We are not the typical chair-persons.
Bean bags are the best to do the productive work for the entire day without getting knackered.
#3. We have confidence to handle the task and win the world all together.
Startup culture gives the perfect definition of team spirit and passion towards the goal. A startup is just like a college.
#4. Nobody is boss here, we together live like a family.
Stereotyped and sophisticated ways for official discussions, this is not our cup of tea.
#5. You get clearer about your future vision.
You do not estimate your progress from how much you earn but what significant lessons you learn from working in a startup environment. This gives you the clear plan to proceed in your life.
#6. People enjoy their life to the fullest.
It doesn’t matter if it is just a birthday or a little achievement, everything is celebrated full-fledged way.
#7. Degree never matters, it’s all about your passion and skills.
The small piece of paper can never measure your potential. A Startup is the best destination to enhance your knowledge and apply your skills.
#9. A startup grows if you grow personally.
#10. There is a fixed arrival time and no fixed leaving time.
People sleep in offices. Yes, it’s right!
#11. We just enjoy to play with our work.

#12. You have to arrive at office, it doesn’t matter what you wear.

Ironing formal wears, polishing shoes and buying perfect office outfits for the office. It’s about comfort not about rules in a startup.

Originally Published by- (Startup by Vastsana Group), Author is Puja Mishra

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