Startup Can Face Jail if Annual Returns are not filed- Companies Act 2013

Article Original Published in by Mohul Ghosh Reference- Indian startup scene is on fire: almost 100,000 new companies were registered in India last year, and since last three years, almost $3 billion has been invested in new ideas, applications and portals. People are leaving their cushy IIM powered jobs and choosing to become job creators inplace of

TOP 300+ FREE ONLINE Tools for startups

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Today we share case study on india's hottest startup ""which has recently grabbed attention with the controversial talks from its last CEO Rahul Yadav who last week was fired from the company after the board meeting. In 2015, came into the limelight because of a mental conflict between CEO of Rahul Yadav and Sequoia India MD

Small is Big for Startup Founders

Small is Big for Startup Founders - We Always read in Media for Startups and always in Mind to be a like Flipkart, OLA, Housing, Snapdeal, Alibaba, Uber, Amazon, AIRBNB & many more but do you know about their founders Equity Stake in the Company. No One Founders hold more than 20% in their Startup

Our Love for Startups – List of Startup Incubators and Accelerators in India

Startup incubators are a growing trend and a great thrust to support first time entrepreneurs across India. There are all kinds of efforts in this direction – Govt supported Institute based technology incubators, Private business incubators started by industry veterans and startup accelerators supported by companies and VC funds. Individually there are differences between how

How Maggi rules India’s noodle market

Late on June 4, Nestle India announced a nationwide recall of its popular instant noodle brand, Maggi. For weeks now, the iconic Indian comfort food has been in the middle of a soup over alleged high levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead, which were found in samples tested by authorities in India. Although the Swiss food conglomerate remained tightlipped

16 Startup terms which you have to learn

As an Startup we have to  learn many startup terms before approach to any angel investor or VC Firms. so we complied some terms which are here- Business and Financial Metrics #1 Bookings vs. RevenueA common mistake is to use bookings and revenue interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. Bookings is the value of a