Today we are discussing about Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in ITR AIS Portal Taxability and where to show in the Income tax return of sale of securities and units of mutual funds. After dec 2021 Govt department launch the AIS Portal so from AY 2022-23 All ITR will be filed as per the AIS and TIS Statement Only.

Now Many Taxpayer are shocked to see the entries of Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in AIS and TIS Income Tax Statement because previously its not track by the department but now All Demat Account and Mutual Fund Registrar CAMS & KFintech transactions are tracked by income tax department every year.

How to Show Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in Income Tax Return

First of all you need to Identity the kind of the entries. If is related to CDSL OR NSDL then its mean you sale some stocks and earn the capital gain on the same. In that case you need to download your tax capital gain p&l statement from the broker website.

If your transactions are related to CAMS or KFintech then you can directly download your capital gain statement of mutual funds from these registrar website.

Now in the next steps You need to Identity the Type of the ITR which you have to File –
a) if you have short term or long term gain or losses under 111A – then you need to file ITR -2 Form
b) if you have intraday and f&o losses or profit – then you need to file ITR-3 Form

For all above Transactions you need to simply total sales value of the securities and mutual funds which is called consideration value and total buy value of the securities or mutual funds which is called cost of acquisition without indexation.

So You need to Show Short Term Gain or Loss or Long Term Profit or Losses in ITR -2 or ITR-3 for the same. If you are looking for the Paid Income Tax Return Filing Services then Checkout Here our Plans.