Welcome to MyOnlineCA Legal Guide Lesson 5. In this lesson we let you know about How MyOnlineCA Helps to register a Sole Proprietorship Firm. In the previous lesson 3 & 4, you learn about to register a service or product based firm.

Now Let’s learn How we at MyOnlineCA simplified Firm Registration at your FingerTips .

We work in simple 6 Steps :-

Step 1 : Just Place a Request on Our Web Portal –

You have to place a request on our web portal with basic details like Name, Email id, Contact Number, Location, About the Requirements etc.

Step 2 : System Send the proposal on your Email –

We have a smart system which sends the proposal for the Sole Proprietorship Firm with the required documents, procedure and pricing with the payment link.

Step 3 : Send the Scanned | Images of the Documents on Email –
You have to collect the documents and info which is mentioned above the email from where you got the proposal.

Step 4 : Get Confirm with Payment Link –
In this step, you get the confirmation on your documents with the payment link. Just make the Full 2000/- INR Payment via Instamojo or Payumoney gateway.

Step 5 : We prepare the Application & File with the Govt with Approval

Our Expert reviews your docs and prepares the draft of the application & after getting your approval file with the govt & prepare the docs, guide to you on each document’s signing.

Step 6 : Certification Delivery
At the end, our expert will send you the Final Certification as MSME + ST with other things on your Email for the same. You have to just take the printout & open a current bank account.