In Today’s Article At Myonlineca, We will discuss a very important topic related to How to Start Mobile Shop Business in India.How to Start Mobile Shop Business in India

In order to start a mobile shop business in India, first of all, it is very important to understand that Mobile currently exists in almost all households In the country. And Mobile has become an ego and essential part of human life in today’s times, the reason for this is that any person can use it in many different ways. Where mobile is used for call reception and outgoing calls, it is also used to capture different types of messages, social media platforms, Internet surfing, and GPS and photographs etc.

Due to its regular use of everyday activities, the dependence of man is increasing on the mobile phone. This is the reason that once a person uses it, man gets used to it, and when his mobile phone is Damaged or lost due to some reason, then the person has to either fix the mobile or else  Purchase a new mobile device. This is the situation that has the ability to bring huge earning opportunity for the mobile shop business in India.

What is the mobile shop business In India?

In the mobile shop business, the entrepreneur is selling not only new mobile phones but also by doing services like mobile repairing, mobile accessories, recharge coupons and open mobile recharge shop etc.

Business scope in Mobile shop business In India

According to one figure, in India, until April 30, 2016, there was about one billion three crore forty-two thousand three hundred thirty-three hundred and twenty-eight mobile phones were used. Which is the second largest figure in mobile phone usage data globally. China is in the first place in mobile phone use, if there is a use of 1 billion 3.5 million mobile in India, approximately 1 billion and 30 million population, it should be assumed that almost every person has access to Mobile.With that said mobile shop Business idea can be good for you.

How to start Mobile shop business in India

However, in India, a shop and distributors are required primarily to start a mobile shop business on small scale. It is therefore extremely important that this business is started at the right time, at the right time, good profits can be started by doing business. Mobile shop business can be started anywhere in India due to mobile phone access everywhere. To do this business, it is important to analyze the awareness of Purchasing Capacity and Techniques of people living in the business location. Because the mobile phone is not included in the list of essential items, in the initial days it was included in the list of luxury items, but now due to changes in society, you can add it to the list of essential items. Therefore, the sooner the mobile phones will change the same person, whose income, purchasing capacity is high, and there is also a trend towards technology.

  1. Rent a shop in Good Location

Currently, most of the mobile phones online are also bought, so entrepreneurs should work together with their mobile shop business E-Commerce companies to take their shop rent on such a location, along with the local customers as well as the online customers. Target, i.e. where different companies have courier service available. In order to enable the entrepreneur to go ahead with his own or with various e-commerce companies to further their mobile phone business.Normally 10 × 15 square feet is enough to start a small mobile phone shop, whose rent can be transferred according to the city or locality. To start the mobile phone business, the counter, shelves, glass drawer, chair, computer, air conditioning etc. are required to decorate the shop. Along with being a decorative shop, it is also necessary to be Attractive, transparent, so that more and more customers can get attracted.

  1. Basic Infrastructure and Decoration

To start the mobile shop business, an 8 × 3 foot tall counter is required as a Basic Infrastructure, and glass can be installed in the upper and front part of the counter so that the mobile and other accessories kept in the kiosks Easily appear. To make the counter more attractive, it can be lit in it. And the wardrobe on the wall can also be made more visible through glass and lighting. Apart from this, the entrepreneur also needs a computer, so that the entrepreneurs will be able to fulfill the needs of customers’ recharge and memory card stuff. Customers may also need a couch to sit. The rest entrepreneur can make changes in his basic infrastructure along with time and technology up gradation.

  1. Choose a Distributor for your mobile shop business

Now the entrepreneur’s next step should be to find a distributor for the mobile shop business. According to the requirement of the entrepreneur, the delivery of mobile phones and accessories can be easily made at his shop cheap or reasonable prices. By buying mobile phones from the distributor, entrepreneurs should decorate the shop in such a way that they can attract customers. Apart from this, the entrepreneur wants to market his mobile shop business in a good manner. Posters and banners can be used to help local customers. And currently, the entrepreneur can also try out various types of online marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Search engine Marketing. Because these platforms can be easily targeted to the area.


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