There are lot of People in India which are thinking about Starting a Hookah Parlour in India but they are confuse about the Legal License which is required to starting a Hookah Parlour in India. So Today we talk about Licenses and some terms and conditions which is required for Starting a Hookah Parlour in India. 

License Required for Starting a Hookah Parlour in India

Legal License and permission are vary state to state in India because in some state even alcohol is also the banned. For the Hookah Lounge we have to required the permission regarding the smoking zone.

Hookah joints have been facing multiple legal issues since they were launched in India. Many state governments clamped down on hookah bars and forced their closure. The Supreme Court on December 8, 2014 finally set aside orders by civic bodies of several states prohibiting smoking or sale of tobacco in restaurants and hotels.

License Required for Starting a Hookah Parlour in India

So Following are the Legal Checklist or Conditions which is required to starting a Hookah Bar or Parlour or Lounge in India or Delhi or Mumbai or any other state-

  • Legal Entity Setup like Sole Proprietorship Firm/Partnership Firm/Limited Liability Partnership Firm/Private Limited Company
  • Getting License from the excise Department for the Liquor License ( Each State have their own rule and Regulations.
  • Getting Shop act License and other License from the Local Municipal party or Authorities. For Ex- In Bangalore the High Court declared that restaurants that already had a trade licence from the local authorities (BBMP) did not need a separate permit to serve hookahs in their smoking zone.
  • NOC from the the neighbors of that place.
  • No school hospital or a place of worship should be in the area of particular meters
  • hookah cannot be served to persons below the age of 18.
  • Age and Selling Timings restrictions
  • Majority of your space should be used for the restaurant. You cannot have shisha lounge alone. A restaurant is a must
  • CCTV’s that are able to store footage upto 3 months.

So these are above some terms and conditions & license which is required to starting a Hookah bar business or Parlour in India. Hope this is helpful for you.

Here is the Perfect Practical Video on How to Start a Hookah Parlour Business in India with the Legal CheckList.

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