Now October is start and its time for Startup Companies and other companies Annual Return Filings and other mandatory compliance. basically a company have to must file their Annual Return and Income Tax Return for the year 2015 , so as a Startup or well established company both have to file Income Tax Return and Annual Return in timeline else director or company both are penalized.
Income Tax Return for the Companies 2015 :-
Income tax return is very important part for a company in india. every company from start to corporate must have to file income tax return. every company have to must remember its due date of the income tax return for the companies i.e 30th September 2015 and mostly case 30th September in each year.

How to File Income Tax Return For the Company 2015 :-
For filings income tax return you have to prepare the balance sheet or profit or loss account for the year. you have to maintain the accounts of the company. we recommend to every company must have to hire a tax consultant or chartered accountant for filing income tax return because individual income tax return can be filed by assesses himself but as a company its need expertise in the income tax return.

Non Compliance of Filings Income Tax Return :-
As a Company penalty is imposed on the director or company. company have to pay interest from the due date to filing of income tax return or even a extra penalty of 5000/- Rupees Imposed.

Annual Return for the company 2015 –
Annual Return is most important compliance for a private limited company. For a Company the Annual Return must be file before the due date i.e is 30th October 2015. In the Annual Return there are lot of  details are mentioned like registered office of the company, Principal business activities,Shares, Debentures and other securities etc. the following structure to be followed for filings Annual Returns.

Penalty for the Non Compliance of Annual Filings 2015-
If Company is fail to filings Annual Return then every director or officer of the company or company imposed the penalty nearby 50000/- Rupees to 500000/- Rupees. even if the director of the company is not filed the annual return corresponding 3 years then he is not eligible for the directorship in the company or any other Company.

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