Today at myonlineca we are discuss All about Jila Udyog Kendra. The Jila Udyog Kendra program was started in 1978 by the Central Government, keeping the small, small, cottage and village industries in the center point. Its purpose is to provide these industries with a promotion under a specific area and services and help in any one place according to the needs of these industries.All About Jila Udyog Kendra

Jila Udyog Kendra is a center at the district level, which has been established with the aim of helping every kind of entrepreneurs associated with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in that particular district.

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What Is a Jila Udyog Kendra?

This is a branch/institution/agency to deal with the needs of small and village industries in every district, which is called Jila Udyog Center ie District Industries Center. Various events, programs, and workshops are started at the grass root level to promote investment at the district level through these centers. In these programs, trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars etc. are organized by various industry associations. Apart from this, it is also the responsibility of Jila Udyog Kendra to provide technological, economic and social support to each of the speculations in the way of the business of businessmen involved in small industries and village industries established in the district.

Activities of the District Industry Center

The Following activities are based on the existing industries under the district in the district industry center.

  • Economic investigation of industries located in the district.
  • Workshop and equipment related activities for industries.
  • Activities related to research, education, and training.
  • Activities related to the management of raw materials.
  • Finance and credit facilities related activities.
  • Activities related to marketing assistance.
  • Activities related to the cottage industry.

Objectives and Goals of Jila Udyog Kendra

The Following are the main goals of the Jila Udyog Kendra :

  • To accelerate overall efforts to industrialize the district.
  • Develop rural industry and handicraft industries.
  • Getting economic equality in different areas of the district.
    To make new entrepreneurs aware of government schemes and to provide them the benefits of those schemes.
  • Centralization of various processes for starting a new industrial unit, namely centralization.
    The time required for starting new industrial units, such as permission, license, registration, subsidies etc.

Functions of Jila Udyog Kendra :

There are various Functions of the District Industry Center, in which the list of main functions is as follows.

  • Jila Udyog Kendra acts as the focal point in the industrialization of the district.
    To keep the information related to the cooperative sector and small, medium and large industrial units present in the district.
  • To inform the entrepreneurs about various opportunities from time to time, and to guide opportunities.
  • Compiling information about the raw materials and local sources of their availability.
  • Evaluate manpower with respect to skilled, semi-skilled laborers.
  • Assessment and analysis of the availability of basic amenities like quality testing, research, and development, transportation, prototype development, warehousing etc. of the industries in the district.
  • Organizing and implementing Entrepreneurship Development Training Programs.
  • Jila Udyog Kendra  Provides information on various government schemes, subsidies and other corporations which have been set up for the development of industries.
  • Arranging registration for Small Scale Industries.
  • Preparation of technical-financial feasibility report is also included in the list of Functions of the District Industry Center.
  • Advising entrepreneurs to complete the investment tasks.
  • The District Industry Center acts as a link between the entrepreneurs and the District’s leading bank to fulfill the debt related needs of entrepreneurs.
  • Providing guidance to the educated unemployed people about the schemes sponsored by the Prime Minister Mudra Yojana, Prime Minister Employment Generation Program, etc., and how to avail the benefits of these schemes, it is also included in the list of Functions of Jila Udyog Kendra.
  • The District Industry Center helps the entrepreneurs get the license of Electricity Board, Water Supply Board, NOC etc.
  • To help the entrepreneurs to purchase imported machinery and raw materials, and Jila Udyog Kendra also organizes marketing outlets by contacting other government agencies.


To summarise this whole article , I would like to Point out the following aspects of the Jila Udyog Kendra ,The work of the Jila Udyog Kendra is to identify various suitable schemes, make a feasibility report, manage credit facility, guide the purchasing of machinery and equipment, provision of raw materials and development for the industrial cluster etc. The finance related to the State Government and the central government is equal in establishing the District Industry Center. Jila Udyog Kendra works under the Directorate of Industry, and in every center, there are almost one General Manager, 4Functional Manager, three Project Managers.