In This Article at Myonlineca, we will talk About How to Upload The GST Return On The GST Portal. I will give you steps that you are required to Take to Prepare GST Return Offline, how to upload invoice in Gst portal and Upload GST Returns on the GST Portal.

How to Upload GST Return

Each enrolled merchant is required to record GSTR-1 consistently. The Return contain subtle elements of every outward supply made amid the month. The due date for GSTR-1 is normally tenth of one month from now. The GSTR-1 due dates for the months July and August are fifth September and twentieth September separately.T he GSTR1 is the first return that a registered dealer is Suppose to file first and Then Rest of returns follows

Before we talk about how to Upload Gst return, I will give You information on how to Prepare GST Return Filing offline and how to upload GST invoice First.

Step BY Step Guide on How to prepare GSTR-1 using Offline Tool

1). First Of all, you need to Download Download the latest version of Offline Tool from the Download section of GST Portal. After Downloading The offline tool you need to  Extract it and install by selecting GST offline Tool icon. On extraction of the zip file, you will see an Excel Workbook Format which can be used for entering invoice data and other records, Detailed instructions for installation is contained in ReadMe file in the extracted folder.

2). Now to begin GSTI-1 preparation you need to Select ‘New’ to begin another GSTR-1 preparation and outfit the required’ details in the significant segments for you. Select Proceed to begin outfitting the invoices and other details.

3). The Invoice Details  and other GSTR-1 related subtle elements can be included the Tool in following four different ways

  • Bringing in the entire Excel workbook to the offline tool by choosing ‘Import Files/trailed by Import Excel. Information in all areas (worksheets) of the exceed expectations record will be transported into the Tool in one go.
  • Line by line information passage in each area by choosing the pertinent segment on the disconnected device
  • Duplicate from the  excel worksheets from the best column including the rundown and header and sticking it in the assigned box in the ‘Import Returns-one segment at the time under “Import Files’ area in disconnected apparatus in the Import Returns-one segment at a time’ under Import Files’ segment in disconnected device
  • The area by segment information transfer of a specific return – utilizing a.CSV record according to the arrangement given alongside the disconnected apparatus. This alternative is accessible in the Import Returns-one area at the time under the Import Files segment in Offline Tools.

4). Once all the details are furnished in the tool, select ‘View Summary. to see the summary of details added across the section and In ‘View Summary’ select ‘Generate File to generate JSON file which is to be uploaded on GST Portal. Save this on your computer.

How to upload Gst Invoice

To Upload Invoice in gst Portal, You have to take The Following below listed Steps :

  • You Have to Login to your GST account and  Select the month for which you wish to upload GST invoices Then You Need to Select GSTR-1 Return and Click on Prepare Online or offline and Select B2B invoices. You have to  Enter the details of the invoices until details of all issued invoices are loaded on the GSTN portal.
  • Once all the B2B invoices are uploaded, B2C large invoice details must be loaded. On uploading the B2B invoices and B2C large invoices, the taxpayer is ready to provide other consolidated information like B2C small invoice, credit or debit notes, advances received, etc., Hence, only B2B invoice and B2C large invoice data must be uploaded on the GSTN.

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How to Upload GST Return

  • To Upload The GST Return you have to  Log on to the GST Portal: select Prepare offline on GSTR-1 section to upload JSON file generated in the previous Steps. The uploaded file would be subjected to data validations as per the business rules in GSTR-1.
  • The JSON file can be created using the data from the excel file, CSV files etc and Can Be created by using GST Offline Tool.


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