In this Guide, We let you know about how to renew your gumasta license online. In India Shop Act License is very important to run a shop in a state, without Shop Act License a person cannot start a shop and it is issued by the Local authority of the state government whereas in Maharashtra if you want to start a business or a shop then you have to get Gumasta License for carrying that shop as it is mandatory by the state government and if you are already holding a Gumasta License then you have to renewal in prescribe time because it has expiry period, if you do not renew this in specified time then it will be not valid so you should renew this license on prescribing time so you can carry your commercial activity.

How to Renew Gumasta License online

What is Gumasta License?

If you are thinking of starting a shop or business operation in any part of the county, then it is mandatory to get a shop and establishment act for carrying that shop whereas in Maharashtra if you want to open a shop or want to start a business operation, then you have to get a Gumasta License. Gumasta license is one such registration certificate that is issued by the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act in Mumbai. It is mandatory for all shops or business organization if there are 10 or more than ten employees working, so it is compulsory for them. Gumasta License can be used as an essential proof of legal entity for a shop, firm, or business so a person will get legal rights to carry that shop and will have exclusive rights on that shop. Gumasta License is also important for opening a current account in a bank or obtaining a loan from a bank, and it is also important for making other important documents like GST identification number and PAN Card and after obtaining Gumasta license it is very important to renewal of the license time to time, in case of failure of renewal you may have to face legal consequences.

How to Renew Gumasta License?

Every Gumasta License has its expiry date, and it is required to renew this license for continuance of validity of consent, basically according to local laws it is valid for one year, and an application has to be filed for its renewal which should be submitted within 15 days before the date of expiry of the certificate of registration and within 30 days of expiry date of certificate of registration you can file your renewal application with late fees. You can submit your renewal application online through an online portal of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation. A process of Renewal Gumasta license is easy you have to fill the form with your certificate of registration then you have to submit it through online or offline mode to the authority. It is very important to renew your license because in case of failure of renewal you may have to face legal consequences, so you have to replace your license in prescribing the time, so you don’t have to pay late fee fine. The new fee or the additional fee chargeable upon late renewal amounts to half of the amount payable as a fee for renewal of registration certificate. Like, e.g. if charges for renewal is Rs. 1000/- and you have submitted your application late then you will have to pay an additional amount of Rs. 500/- along with the charges for renewal.

In some instances, the registration certificate is granted for 3 years and the same is issued at the option of the employer. The employer has to provide the authority with the fee for 3 years at a time. After payment of such fee, the certificate which will be valid for 3 years will be issued.

Further, under the Maharashtra Shop and Establishment Act, 2017 the concerned inspector has been given authority to refer the matter to the prescribed authority in the event of any doubt or difference in the opinion of employer and inspector regarding the category of business or employer. The decision of the prescribed authority will be final and binding on the parties.

Documents Required for Online Renewal of License

Following are the documents which are required while applying online for renewal of Gumasta License (note all documents should be of size 75kb to 100 kb only):

  1. Document for the shop premises
  2. Self-declaration as per the format provided on the website, i.e.
  3. Self-declaration for attestation as per the form provided on the site i.e.
  4. Undertaking the format provided on the website, i.e.
  5. Photograph
  6. Signature
  7. Proof of identity of applicant like Aadhar card, PAN card, etc
  8. Copy of fee receipt which has been paid earlier.

Process for Renewal of License

  1. You can file for renewal of license through online mode by following steps:
  2. Visit the link and log on the website at
  3. Provide all the details required for the application.
  4. Upload all the required documents for the application
  5. Pay the requisite fee payable.
  6. Apply for renewal
  7. Check the status whether it is‘approved’or ‘rejected.’
  8. If approved then download the registration certificate.


As you can see in the above article that Gumasta license is the most important document for opening a shop if there are more than 10 employees are working as it is mandatory by the government. You can obtain your Gumasta license by filing of online application through the online portal of Great Mumbai Municipal Corporation and after obtaining this license you have renewed this in prescribing time because in case of failure of renewal of this license you may have to face legal consequences on this so you should consider above-given points if you are carrying a shop in Mumbai.