So there is Good news for the all Delhi Entrepreneurs and Business which want to start a new business in Delhi and want to register under the Delhi VAT and CST. Recently DVAT Department launched a completely new Registration System in 2016 via a Mobile App i.e is called “DVAT Msewa”. So Let’s learn about How to Register under Delhi VAT CST in 2016 via Mobile App.–

How to Register under Delhi VAT CST in 2016

How to Register under Delhi VAT CST in 2016

VAT and CST Registration is required in the Delhi State for the Manufactures, Trader and Retailers which are dealing in the VAT eligible products. Its also called the TIN Number. Even these days ecommerce business are trending in India so most of the entrepreneurs which want to sell on the Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon or Shopclues or Paytm or any other platform or through their website then they have to required the VAT & CST Both registration together.

8 Steps to Register under the Delhi VAT CST Registration in 2016

Step 1 – First of all user have to download the DVAT Msewa App From the Playstore and Register on the App by the providing some basic information about the user like adhar number, dealer type or pan number etc.

Step 2- After that you have to provide the further information about the business like type of the legal entity, pan number, email etc and also upload some other necessary documents.

Step 3- In the third step user you have verify the PAN Number and Aadhaar Number Details and other details which is inserted in the above steps. PAN Number is verified by the NSDL Department website and Adhar number is verified by the UID Portal.

Step 4- In the fourth step now government department officer work started. They verify all the details and documents & further they verify the location premise of the business through the google map. So it’s a perfect authentication verification method where officer find the exact location of the business premise throughout the GPS.


Step 5 – In the fifth step the if the DVAT department officer verify the location then system will be generated a user id and password which will be sent to the registered email id of the person.

Step 6- In the sixth step the dealer have to file the registration application on the portal and have to upload the all necessary documents which are fall under the DVAT & CST Rules as per the department.

Step 7- in the seventh step the again application comes under the department officer panel so they will be approved the application or rejected with the reasons. If the officer approved the application then automatically a TIN Number will be issued by the DVAT department.

Step 8- in the eight step after the getting approval Final Registration Certification has been issued by the department via post or download from the portal.

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