Grah Udyog business are those who start production with the help of middle-level estimation.The Grah Udyog business is defined as a unit in which investment in the original value of plant and machinery should not exceed Rs. 1.5 crore. In Grah Udyog, labor turnover is also low, and relative to a few goods and services are produced. Grah Udyog bsuiness is a project, firm or business created on a small budget or for a small group of people which may include artisans, craftsman, and technicians who are skilled to work from their own homes using small machines, less power, and hired labor.How to Register Grah Udyog Business

Grah Udyog Businesses are easy to start and manage given the minimal scale of production, They require cheap labor that is easily found and their target market is the host community and  They are set up to cater for the basic needs of the people within their locality.

In India, Grah Udyog Businesses has an important place and role to play because of their potential in solving the problem of unemployment and their contribution to total industrial output and towards the growth of the economy of the country.The Government of India has taken a number of steps to promote them and have introduced Many schemes for their growth and development In India.

Advantages of Grah Udyog Businesses In India

The Advantages that a Grah Udyog Business have is listed below as follows:

  1. Participant in nation building:  A  Grah Udyog provides plenty of job opportunities to various people in India, Grah Udyog is doing their part by not only paying salaries and money but by enabling people to improve their lifestyle, send their children to schools to gain education and providing the chance to gain self-reliance.

       2.Requires Less Capital: Grah Udyog requires less capital to commence and operate a business. Grah Udyog can be started  by small entrepreneurs who have limited capital resources

  1. Employment to local people: Grah Udyog recruits more people as Grah Udyog are labor intensive in character, It uses more labor than any other factors of production, labor can be put to work in short time and can provide employment opportunities to a large number of people.
  2. Contribution to export: Products like hosiery,  handloom, gems and jewellery, handicrafts,  textiles, sports goods, leather products, woolen garments, processed food, chemicals products , engineering goods , tools and machines etc made by the Grah Udyog contributes big time to India’s exports which form a part of India’ Gross Domestic Product or GDP.
  3. Adaptability to change: Grah Udyog can understand the changing environment of the business in terms of customers, technology, management, politics and legal etc and adapt themselves more quickly to respond to changes.They can change their business models, technology, structure, business objectives and mission and business processes etc very easily and effectively.

Now after reading the above advantages, you must have made your mind regarding opening a Grah Udyog yourself, so now I will list some ideas for Your Grah Udyog Business That you can start with any amount of capital.

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The list of ideas are as follows:

  • Mobile phone repair/ accessories/ recharge

  • Meal service and Tiffin Services

  • Network marketing

  • Babysitting and Childcare

  • Aquariums & fish

  • Nursery & garden requirements

  • Jams, pickles & sauces

  • Pet care

  • Cakes & Bakes

  • Travel services

  • Medical sample collection

  • Party services

  • Stationery supply

There are many more Business ideas which we will tell you about and how you can register and start these businesses in a separate article in the future.

Now after looking at the list of business ideas you must have thought of running one of the above, The starting point of opening a Grah Udyog Business is to conduct full research i.e customer profiling, Business model formation, market research, and operation research etc. and calculate business cost  , Generate a Business Idea, test your business idea, decide on Business entity,craft a business plan and get your business registered to commence Business activity.

How to register a Grah Udyog Business In India

Grah Udyog, Small Businesses, and Small-scale Industries are both registered by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through the Directorate of Industries of the State Government. The main purpose of for SSI registration is to enable Grah Udyog businesses to acquire incentives and support services given by the Government of India for development of Grah Udyog.SSI registration can be obtained by both manufacturing and service Businesses in India.The registration eligibility criteria differ for SSI units in manufacturing and SSI units in service rendering as follows:

SSI registration can be obtained for manufacturing units if the investment in plant and machinery is up to Rs.5 crores in plant and machinery and SSI registration can be obtained for service rendering units if the investment in equipment is within  Rs.2 crores in equipment.

How to get Online SSI Registration in India

Every state has a separate set of rules and Regulation regarding SSI registration In India.But you need to follow these 3 steps in common while proving SSI registration.

SSI Registration Steps are as follows:

Step1: Acquire A business registration

You need to decide a business entity such as sole proprietorship, partnership, OPC, Private Limited company and LLP and get it registered by login on MCA Website or By seeking help from a CA Firm or Business Consultant.

Step 2: Provisional SSI Registration

To obtain SSI registration the business must first apply for Provisional SSI Registration Certificate (PRC). Provisional SSI registration can be applied for by a business at any time.

Step 3: Start the Business

Commence and operate the business with the provisional SSI registration certificate.

Step 4: Permanent SSI Registration

When the business commences production or business operation then the business can apply and obtain permanent SSI registration.

Step 5: Start up Registration

You can also register your Grah Udyog as a startup In India, for this Purpose you need to go to startup India website.


Grah Udyog can be easily formed and requires less capital. The persons you are looking to become a businessman can definitely consider opening a Grah Udyog as if you take example of Big Companies In India, They all started as a Grah Udyog or Small scale Businesses.Grah Udyog also can provide you with best opportunity to make a better life and can give you a financial freedom.