In this article, we are going to discuss FSSAI License for Cloud Kitchen with Fees Documents & Procedure. You also got to know about the license required for a cloud kitchen, whether there is a requirement of GST or FSSAI or not and which FSSAI category registration is applicable on cloud kitchen and What will be the fee for FSSAI license for cloud kitchen and what are the documents required for FSSAI basic registration of cloud kitchen.

What is Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen is a kitchen that is used only for the purpose of preparing food for delivery or takeout. Inside the cloud kitchen, no customer can physically take food because only food can be delivered. Cloud Kitchen enables restaurant owners to expand existing restaurants or start a virtual brand at minimal cost and  helps in expanding business. Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, all these are real examples of cloud kitchens.

In this, only food is delivered through online mode and upon ordering, the food is delivered to the person by the restaurant. In the restaurants which are registered under Cloud Kitchen, seating is not available, the person can take out the food.

License Required for Cloud Kitchen- GST & FSSAI

Operating a cloud kitchen is legally allowed in India. To do business inside a cloud kitchen, you are required to obtain a license and FSSAI license for cloud kitchen is a compulsory requirement for all food businessmen who are doing business under cloud kitchen.

but for selling on Swiggy and Zomato etc first of all you need to check GST is applicable or not your Food related Business. if GST Registration is applicable then first of all Apply for GST instead of the FSSAI License then on later after getting the GSTIN No apply for the FSSAI License.

Which FSSAI Category Applicable – FSSAI Basic Registration

Now we will discuss in detail about the basic registration of FSSAI which is generally required by the people to start their business.

  • FSSAI registration is compulsory for small food manufacturers or food business operators whose turnover is less than Rs 12 lakh unless the food business operators fall under mandatory licensing.
  • If you are starting a food related business under cloud kitchen then always remember that you do not need any license, you are just required to apply for basic registration with FSSAI.
  • If you want to do food business then it is necessary that you obtain FSSAI food safety registration. Cloud kitchens not only involve food preparation but also all the people who handle the food in versatile ways before it reaches the customer, such as raw material, manufacturing, processing, mess, canteen as well as packing. And all the coordination that has to be done with the distribution agencies is involved and those business owners also have the right to sell them.

FSSAI License for Cloud Kitchen Fee

  • If you are filling the FSSAI application form then you will be required to pay ₹100 registration fee per year when you are doing yourself.
  • if you hire any Professional like MyOnlineCA then its cost range between 1500/-INR to 2000/-INR on the same.
  • For the State or Central License Its Cost more than 7500/-INR on the same.

Documents Required for FSSAI Basic Registration

To get FSSAI license of cloud kitchen you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Photo identity proof of the applicant is required
  • You are required to attach proof of possession of the premises (rent agreement/electricity bill/property papers, etc.)
  • You are required to attach cloud kitchen layout synopsis
  • You are required to attach list of foods which you want to prepare in the kitchen
  • You are required to attach No Objection Certificate (NOC) which you will have to get from Municipality or Panchayat
  • It will be necessary to attach the equipment and machinery that you are going to use in the cloud kitchen
  • You are required to attach partnership deed or certificate of incorporation, if it is applicable
  • It is necessary to attach the authorization letter with the name and address of the responsible person who is nominated by the food business operator.

Apart from this list, FSSAI may also require some other documents and you will have to submit them.


It can be concluded that a FSSAI license will be required for cloud kitchens to operate a legal food business in India. And at the same time the license assures good quality and consumer safety. There are three types of licenses given in FSSAI and the license you want depends on the nature and size of your business. Obtaining a license under FSSAI is a long process, but it is an important process that you have to complete.