Today in this article we are discuss about ISO Certification Registration Online Free in india. So before talking about ISO Certification as Free you need to know the Real Cost to create a ISO Certification Registration in India.

Cost or Fees on the ISO Certification in India –

  1. Non IAF ISO Certification Cost –  Its Cost approx 1500/- to 4000/- in the market for the ISO 9001 Certification where Non IAF Agencies issued the ISO Certification after checking Quality of the Business through Audit.

  2. IAF ISO Certification Cost – IAF ISO Certification Cost is really expensive as it requires the proper Audit of the firm, after that they can issue IAF ISO Certification. Its Cost approx 3000/- to 8000/- for IAF ISO Certification.

ISO Certification is Free Possible or Not ?

So as we seen above the Actual Cost on the ISO Certification which arise as all Non IAF or IAF Agencies have to bear the expense in the Audit of the firm and they have marketing expenses on the branding so their Certification has Brand Equity Value. So on any terms ISO Certification cannot be Free in reality. You need to pay at least nominal professional charges to agencies to create your ISO Certification in India.

Hope now your all doubts are cleared regarding the FREE ISO Certification in India.