How to File 15CA and 15CB Online Forms is very interesting topics for the small business which are dealing in the transactions where they have to make a remittance to NR (Non Resident)  or a Foreign Company. so they have to submit the 15CA Form Online but recently Government of India issued Notification regarding the Major Changes in the form 15CA and 15CB.

In Simple Words 15CA is a tool for the Government of India so they can collect the information regarding all the payments in the hands of Non Resident or Foreign Company so its a deceleration form. Another Part is Form 15CB which is also like a alternative certification for obtaining tax clearance.

How to File 15CA and 15CB Online

How to File Form 15CA and Form CB Online

Part 1- How to Generate the Signature File for the Form 15CA

First of all we have to download the Suitable Java Version i.e is 1.70.51. You can Download from Below Links –

a) Java 32 Bit Version

b) Jave 64 Bit Version 1.70.51

Step 1 :- First of all Download the DSC Management Utility From Income tax official Website. Below is the snapshot where you can download.

Income Tax DSC Management Utility

Note :- if you register your DSC Earlier then its not Valid. you have to register your DSC with the new Java Utility.

Step 2 :- Open First Java DSC Management Utility. Its a Zip File. if you have any software for the unzip then you can download the WINRAR

Income tax Dsc Management Utiltiy Download

Step 3 :- Now just go to Tab 2 which is regarding to register your  Digital Signature

Regiter Digital Signature on Income Tax Website

Step 4 :- Provide the  Pan Number Details  in the First Column i.e is “Entered Filings User id”

Step 5:- Provide Pan of the DSC where you have to provide following details

a) if Legal Entity is Sole Proprietorship Firm – then E Filings User id and Pan number of the DSC are same.

b) if Legal Entity is Private Limited Company or Partnership Firm or LLP – then give the Pan Number of the Principal officer of the concern who were signing the Returns.

Step 6 :- then just go to DSC Details and Select the USB Token & Your DSC and Click on Generate the signature file. the Signature file will be saved in the default path of the utility which can be used for the Form 15CA.

Part 2- How to File the Form on the Income Tax Department E Filing Portal

Step 1 :- Open the official Income tax Department Efilings Website and Login with your credential details.

Step 2 :- Select the tab ” Prepare and Submit Online Form”(Other Than ITR).

Step 3 :- Select the Form 15CA and Select the Signature File above which is mentioned in above points.

Step 4 :-  Just Click on the Continue and Below Window is appear on your screen

How to File 15CA and 15CB on Income Tax Website

Step 5 :- Just Select the Part-A/Part -B/PART D as per your Requirements and Fill up the Form & Submit on the Portal.

Here Below are the Perfect Youtube Video Tutorial regarding to understanding about the Form 15CA and Form 15CB

What is Form 15CA and Form 15CB and when its required to File with the Government ?


Step by Step Tutorial How to File Form 15CA and 15CB Online in 2016


So Hope above Video and Article Helpful for you regarding the Filings of the Form 15CA and Form 15CB in the year 2016.

Credit : YouTube,CaClubIndia,Wikipedia,MyOnlineCA