In Today’s Article At Myonlineca, We will tell you about Company Bank Current Account Opening Letter Format. Company Bank Account opening letter is an official letter in the name of the bank by any company who wants to open an account in a particular bank. All the necessary information is shared with the bank by the company. Type of account is mentioned in it with any particular expectation if required. Name of the organization, Number of approved individual and name of them who can get to this account ought to be specified in the letter.

Company Bank Current Account Opening Letter Format

What is a Bank Current Account?

Current Bank Account Also known as the Transactional account is a deposit account held at any bank or financial institute and as the name indicates is mainly used for heavy transactions.  If you know, our savings account have a limit on withdrawal even if you have balance in your account there is a maximum amount of money you can withdraw in a day, for different banks it is different.

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The Current accounts are provided by the banks with an intention to give you the freedom to do as many transactions, deposits, withdrawal in a day as you would like to do . It is also of great use if you have employees and you want to transfer salaries every month.

Current accounts are not opened to earn interest or with the end goal of reserve funds, however for the comfort of the business or individual customer hence they tend not to hold up under premium. Rather, a client can store or pull back any measure of cash any number of times, subject to accessibility of assets.

Choose the Right Bank for taking Current account

Current bank accounts gives all that you regularly find in saving account like money and check dealing with, coordinate charges and standing requests, NEFT, Mobile managing an account, charge and Mastercards and overdrafts and so forth. However, not at all like an individual investment account, you will be charged for the exchanges you make on your present record, so it’s constantly better to complete an investigation of what you require and what are banks giving and match those two to outdo the advantages. It resembles picking portable designs! for instance – If you accomplish more exchanges at that point pick a bank giving more number of transactions.


Company Bank Account Opening Letter Format

Name Surname, Bank branch manager

Bank name


City, State, ZIP

Subject: Request for bank account opening

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter, we thusly wish to present a demand for opening organization current account in your branch in the [City]. We will begin activities in the [City] beginning from Date. It would be ideal if you not that our organization has a decent notoriety and great turnover amid recent years. We as of now have stores in your branch in [City], however now we intend to begin full tasks with your bank in our new branch office.

We benevolently request that you encourage our  account for the sake of “Organization name” in your branch as quickly as time permits. We will give all the data and documents that you may require for this reason.

Looking for Your Favorable Reply,


Mr. Name Surname




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