Today in this Guide we will Learn about How to Claim TDS Refund of Previous Years. Sometime TDS of previous years has been deducted, then people want to get back the deducted TDS, then generally they cannot file the return for that, because the time has passed.

What will be the method by which you can claim refund of deducted TDS

First of all, we should know what mistakes we make while claiming TDS amount, then when we check our Form 26AS, so much TDS of your last many years has been deducted and I have so much refund due for the last many years which I want to claim. The correct way to claim a refund is to enter only the amount which you have carried forward while making the claim.

As we know, in the old income tax portal, there was a option of Carry Forward and Brought Forward, but in the new Income Tax Portal, there is also such Option for the same where you can First of all carry forward the TDS by Filing the Income Tax Return & then brought forward in the Current Year ITR Filing.

How to Claim Old TDS Refund of Previous Year

if you not filed the Original Income tax return on time then there is no Way to Claim back Old TDS Refund. The Only way i.e you can file the Updated Income Tax Return and Carry Forward the TDS on the same but there is problem i.e Updated Return can’t be filed without paying of the additional taxes.

Another case where you can take the Advantage of TDS by Filing Rectification Request if there is any TDS Mismatch between the Filed ITR and Form 26AS of Past year.

This thing has to be kept in mind that if you have carried forward the refund in the previous financial year, then only you can bring forward the refund by claiming the old TDS amount in the coming financial year.

Claim TDS for previous years by Condonation of Dealy

Now we will discuss the method by which you will be able to easily claim old TDS. Suppose, if your TDS refund for the last 6 years is due and you have not filed any return yet, then you can file that return in this way.

By going to the portal, you will see an option of condonation of delay in income tax filing, in which many sections are given, in which different conditions are given. Suppose, you have any genuine reason like you have any illness and you are not able to file TDS return due to that reason, then there are many such reasons given in that list and you can select those reasons and proceed further. So with such method you can easily Claim TDS Refund of Previous Years.

And also an important point is that you will have to write an application to the Assessment Officer and in that application you will have to tell the reason why you have not been able to file TDS return in the previous years and you give me permission to file the TDS return of my previous years so I can fulfill the TDS return and you can either send this application letter through a speed post or submit it by hand to the Income Tax Department.