In this article we are going to discuss, Is it possible  to cancel GST registration without filing a return ? Generally in India, whenever a person wants to start a business, he has to pay GST. But if we talk about data, if 100 startup businesses are to be opened then 90% of them get closed. This means that 90% does not survive and whatever GST is paid by them, neither people get experts to file the return nor do they file the return themselves due to which they have to pay a penalty.

Can i Cancel GST Registration without Filing Returns

Generally this question comes to our mind whether you can cancel your GST registration without paying penalty or late fee, then the answer is Yes, you can cancel your GST registration without paying penalty with some Conditions.

Under GST simply, you can get the Notice of Intimation show cause notice for the suo moto cancellation by GST Officer.

Suo Moto Cancellation For GST

In India, if a taxpayer does not file a GST return continuously for 6 months, then the GST officer can send a notice to the person and in the notice he writes that he has not filed his return for 6 months and he gives you 7 working days for reply. If you do not reply within 7 days then your GST registration will be canceled.

The simple thing to understand is that if you do not file a continuous return for 6 months and keep checking your email to stay updated whether you have received any email regarding GST.

If you receive a show cause notice and you want to cancel your GST so that you do not have to file any return, then you can do so, do not give any reply and automatically the GST officer will send you a cancellation order in a few days.

But the important thing in the cancellation order is that suppose if there is any tax liability pending in the name of your GST number and the GST officer comes to know about that pending or any tracing is done on your GST number, then here you will get a completion sheet and if any amount is written on the sheet, then it is also mentioned in the show cause notice that your pending amount will have to be paid within 10 days.

And if you do not pay on due amount then the amount will be recovered according to the provision of the said act. Secondly, whenever you get a notice of warning, it is obvious that if you search your GST number on the site, your suspended status will be shown. This means that your GST number has not been canceled but only suspended.

But when you get the cancellation notice, the cancellation status will be shown on your GST number on the site.


Now we will conclude the article, simply by following the procedure given above, you can get the GST registration canceled automatically without paying any penalty.