Find Ward No | Circle Range | AO Code in GST Registration

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GST Registration are the required by most of the businessman in India. even there is 20 lakh rupees limit but due to applicability of the inter state sales each seller have to required the GST Registration but the major problem during the GST Registration i.e is fillings of the Ward No or Circle Range or AO Code during the GST Registration application filings. So in this guide let’s learn about how to find your proper Ward No or Circle Range or AO Code.

First of all you have to understand the 2 things i.e there are 2 type of the taxes under the GST which is charged by the state government and central government. Its SGST and CGST & inter state IGST. So both state government and central government have a separate department to handling all the taxes in the their respective jurisdiction.

Find Ward No | Circle Range | AO Code in GST Registration

So in the GST Registration Part B Application there are 2 fields regarding the government ranges –

a) Ward No or Circle Range or AO Code

Its related totally with the state government. Before the implementation of the GST each state government charge the VAT/CST from the business and have a separate department with the different rules and regulations. Now after the GST these department replace with the SGST and take care about these taxes only. So ultimate all the Ward Number or Circle Number or Range or AO Code etc are the same which is applicable in the VAT/CST Registration or TIN Number Registration.

In this scenario there are 2 situations –

  1. If you are migrate your existing VAT/CST or Service Tax into the GST Registration – In this case just checkout your old Certification which is issued by the Department. On your Certification your state ward number or circle number or range or ao code has been mentioned with the proper officer name. So after the GST Migration the officer & range has been same.
  2. If you are new taxpayer or applied new GST Registration – In the new GST Registration you there are difficulties to find the proper range and Ward Number in your area. if you have prior experience in the VAT/CST Registration then you can simply find it  your range officer but for the new users its a complicated case. In this situation you have to visit the official respective state VAT Portal & try to find out the ranges. Proper ranges are very important because if your ranges are wrong then officer can file the Notice against your application.

b) Service Tax Range with Commissionerate and Division Code

Its related with the central government which charged the CGST and IGST. Service tax ranges are related to the respective state service tax department CBEC. before the GST Implementation each department handling the service tax related matters with area wise range officer but after the GST Registration this department deals into the CGST and other taxes. so even in this scenario if you are old tax payers then you can simply find your relevant service tax ranges into the Service Tax Registration Certificate at the bottom but if you are new tax payers then you have to go to Service tax cbec location link and have to find the ranges state then city & area wise.

Hope this article helps you to find the relevant Ward Number or Circle Range or AO Code regarding the GST Registration. if you have any query you can email to us

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