Do you know that Now most of the offline traders or manufacture of the women fashion are dealing Online. In this segment voonik is the leaders which works on a 10,000 rule algorithm to help users find the right product on the basis of filters like skin tone, body type and preferences. So Let’s learn about the Voonik Seller Registration.

Online trade has been develo

ping at a speedy pace. Gone are the times when one had to visit the market and pick among many merchandises and pay for it. Now a day you just should open the internet site or app of the online retailer like Voonik, Flipkart, Amazon or Paytm and pick out from the whole product line and may order at the same time just sitting at home or any location. Due to increase in online commerce, you can actually begin selling at the convenience in their shop or home by  registering themselves as a supplier on those websites.

Voonik is also one of the growing e-retailer in India for girl’s style and accessories. There are over 15 lakh merchandise and over 3000+ manufacturers. They’re just three years old and feature five million+ active users already.  Voonik is an amazing opportunity for a person selling fashion merchandise of women in India.

Documents Required for Registration on Voonik :

Following are the documents required:

  • PAN Card of the Company or Firm.
  • VAT/TIN number
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents.

Points to Remember while Registering

  • No specific type of business is needed to become a voonik seller one may be Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company or One Person Company.

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  • VAT or TIN registration is obligatory in all business except to sell unstitched Garments on Voonik. So you have to be registered on VAT OR TIN.
  • PAN is mandatory for registration. Personal PAN is required in case of Proprietorship and personal Business. Business PAN is required in the case of Company, Partnership or LLP).
  • You should have a bank account and a canceled
  • It is beneficial if your product is trademarked.

6 Steps for Voonik Seller Registration

Step 1 : You have to go to Voonik seller platform or you can go to, and click on Become a seller and then have to provide your email password phone company name and display name.

Voonik Seller Registration

Step 2: You have to provide your address details. You have to state your registered address of the company and if you want then a pickup address also for the courier services for sale. You also have to upload your address proof.

Voonik Step 2

Step 3 : You have to accept the Voonik agreement for sellers or memorandum of understanding so as to go to the next step for registration.

Voonik Agreement

Step 4 : You have to then provide your business details like Company type, PAN TIN, Tan, Aadhaar card details of the seller. You must also upload the documents for their details.


Step 5 : The final step is to provide your bank details like Bank Account Number, the name of the seller Bank account, IFSC code along with a copy of a canceled


Step 6: Then submit the form and it will display a confirmation screen and you will receive a call from Voonik seller onboarding associate to complete the registration.

After verification of your seller’s details, the account will be activated. Now you can sell on Voonik. To start selling on Voonik Minimum of 10 unique products (listings) should be there and then you definitely are geared up to receive orders.

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