Today in this Guide we are learning about Trademark Registration Fees in India. If you want to do Trademark Registration or Logo Registration then you have to know about the Cost on Trademark Registration. There are Various Cost Involved in Trademark Registration From Government Fees to Professional Fee of Lawyer.

What is Trademark Registration or Logo Registration ?

A trademark is a recognizable sign that identifies your products or services and distinguishes them from others. Registering your trademark gives you exclusive rights and protects your brand from unauthorized use. In India, trademark infringement is defined under Trademarks Act, 1999- Section 29. To avoid infringement and protect your brand, it’s mandatory to register your trademark.

What are the ways to apply for Trademark or Logo Registration ?

  • Self with class 3 Digital Signature
  • Authorized TM Lawyer

Components of Trademark Registration fees

Stage 1 – On this stage you just apply Trademark Registration Application for the Approval or Rejection from the Govt.

Government Fee for Trademark Registration or Logo Registration

  1. 4500 Rupees – Trademark Registration Fees for Proprietorship or MSME.
  2. 4500 Rupees if you are a partnership/ company/ LLP with MSME registration through UDYAM Certificate.
  3. 9500 Rupees if you are a partnership/ company/ LLP without MSME registration through UDYAM Certificate

These Cost are Class Wise. So Let’s Suppose if you want to register in 2-3 Class then you have to pay each time to the Government.

DSC For Trademark Registration in India Fees

  • If you are applying yourself- Cost lie in between INR 1000/- to INR 2000/- For class 3 DSC (With 2 years of warranty)
  • If you Hire Trademark Attorney/Lawyer- It’s Not Required DSC When you Hire a Professional Trademark Attorney

Trademark Registration Cost with DSC

  • Through Yourself- INR 4500/- + INR 1000/- = INR 5500 (As Lower)
  • Through Lawyer – INR 4500/- + INR 1000/- = INR 5500 (As Lower) [Here you need find a Good Professional Lawyer which Charges Only 1000/- to 2000/-INR Professional Fee on the same.]

We recommend that always file your TM through lawyer because of error- free filling. Since one single mistake while filling can lead you INR 4500(Govt. fee) trademark registration cost loss.

Stage 2 – on this stage after filing trademark application, if you got the notice then you need a lawyer for the reply on the objection.

Trademark Registration Objection Fee

If you have received any objection over your TM then objection can be raised by registrar only. You need to reply on those objection fee, if you fail to do so then your application will be withdrawn.

  • Through Yourself- INR 500/-Per objection reply.
  • Through Lawyer – INR 1500/- INR 2000 Per objection reply.

Trademark Opposition Fee (Third Party)

If any opposition rose after you have filed your TM application.

  • Through Yourself- Govt Fee – INR 2700/- Per Trademark
  • Through Lawyer – Govt Fee – INR 2700/- + Lawyer Fee (INR 1000 – INR 3000) Per Trademark.

Stage 3 – on this stage you need to Hire a lawyer for your hearing in the Live Court Case.

Trademark Hearing Stage Fee

In case if you have replied on every objection in spite of that government is not satisfied with your answer then they will put you on hearing stage where you need to represent yourself or you can hire a lawyer who can represent in behalf of you.

  • Through Yourself- its not possible as you need to aware about the all Trademark Laws.
  • Through Lawyer – The cost will totally depend on your lawyer and location.

Here is the overall idea about the trade mark registration fees or trademark registration charges. Hence if you are a company, firm, proprietorship, etc. that wants to get their unique identity in a world full of names then you must apply for the TM. These days it’s so fast that after filing the e-application you can start using the official TM logo as soon as 1 day. The whole concept about trademark registration fees for startups, trademark registration fees for proprietorship and trademark registration fees for msme is explained here and the one TM logo will give you the credibility that your competitors lack.