Gujarat has a robust Infrastructure and is an inventor in Public-Private partnership. It takes to its credit as ‘Asia’s Biggest’ Investment Infrastructure Opportunity Centre.’ Gujarat state has advantageously developed very efficient and cost-effective infrastructure which boosts states Urban and Industrial growth.

As one of the youngest States of the Indian Partnership, Gujarat’s track record has shown extraordinary Growth which makes it a ‘Growth Engine of Gujarat.’

Gujarat one of the most preferred Investment Destinations of the nation, providing chances in almost all the sectors. Improvement is a mass effort in Gujarat. Gujarat is an additional Power state, and with a suitable arrangement, quick equalizes of business issues, pro-active and co-operative Power, Gujarat is a preferred Investment destination for almost every business project for which, there are clearness and openness.

Gujarat offers a standard for Economic Progress and Development for the developing nations. Its significant contribution to Indian Economy has made India visible to a competitive market in spite of the decline in World Economy.

Top 10 Business Ideas in Gujarat

Emerging as ‘Investor friendly ‘destinations in the country, Gujarat tourist attractions a luxurious lifestyle of vacation, pleasure, business, and Investments.

The Only State in India to emerge ‘Financier Friendly’ even in World Economy Downturn:

Gujarat emerges to be an Industrial hub with India’s most Industrialised State. Gujarat pays a 27% tax of India. With Vibrant Gujarat Conferences, it is evident that Gujarat has the highest success rate of projects implemented popular the Count.

Gujarat is one of the leading industrialized states in India. Gujarat is considered the petroleum capital of India due to the presence of large refining capacity set up by private and public sector companies.

Gujarat ranks top in ease of doing business among Indian states. Gujarat is the hub of organic industry.

Major industrial sectors are fabrics, electrical manufacturing, chemicals, fertilizer, petrochemicals, drugs & medicines, dairy, cement & ceramics, gems & ornaments, etc.

1.Gas & Petroleum:

Gujarat State is abundant in the hydrocarbon properties and is the largest on a land producer of oil and gas in the country. Gujarat contributes almost 18% of the country’s total rough oil production.

Similarly, it contributes about 11% of the country’s total gas manufacture. If we compare on land crude production, then it is almost 50% of crude and 40% of natural gas from Gujarat.

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd is an oil and gas exploration company in Gujarat, India.

2.Mining & Minerals

Gujarat is the perfect state for the investment in inorganic based industries looking to the state mineral resources and infrastructural facilities. There is liberal opportunity to establish mineral oriented industries like Mineral based cement and soda ash industry, Lignite based power plants, Bauxite-based Alumina plant, Marble & Granite based cutting, polishing plants, Clay-based ceramic units, Silica sand based glass units. GNMRL is well placed to take advantage of the next boom staring at the energy spectrum.

3. Agro and Food Processing

Gujarat is gifted with abundant natural resources regarding different soil, climatic conditions and expanded collecting pattern suitable for agricultural activities.

Gujarat is a significant producer of various crops within India as well as worldwide. Gujarat has highest production in the world for Castor (67%), Fennel (67%), Cumin (36%), Isabgol (35%), and groundnut (8%), and Guar seed (6%). The state has also emerged as a frontrunner in several other sectors such as Dairy, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and traditional horticulture and Floriculture.

4. Salt Industry

Gujarat is blessed with the longest coastline of 1600 km. in India, offering essential resources such as salt and marine products for industry.

Gujarat is the largest producers of salt in India and places 2nd highest export in the world. Gujarat contributes 76 % to the total production, Followed by Tamil Nadu 12 % and Rajasthan 8%.

5. Gems and Jewellery:

Gujarat is the top state in India in gems and ornaments sector, as it contributes to about 72 present of the total transfers of India. Gujarat has ingrained diamond industry.

Diamond processing and trading unit are spread across the State in cities such as Surat, Ahmedabad, Palanpur, Bhavnagar,Valsad, and Navsari. Gujarat accounts for about 80% of diamonds processed and 95% of diamonds export from India. Surat has 65% part in India’s diamond trade.

6. Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Gujarat’s chemicals and petrochemicals industry are one of the fastest developing sectors in the State’s economy.

The industry offers a wide range of opportunities for the investors both from India and abroad.

The well-extended chemical industry has the whole portfolio of chemical products including petrochemicals and downstream products, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and intermediates.

The Chemical Industry in Gujarat contains about 500 large and medium scale industrial units, about 16,000 of small-scale industrial units and other plant sector units.

7. Textiles

Gujarat is one of the critical industrial states in India and cloth industry, in particular, had contributed in a big way to the industrialization of the State.

The development of many industries likes, Dyestuff, Chemicals, Manufacturing/Foundry and Cotton agriculture is solely dependent on this sector. The State is well known for the development of Crossbreed Cotton, Ginning; power looms, composite mills, spinning units, and independent processing Companies.

8. Waste Management

Gujarat is an ultimate location for effective running of the projects, which depend on the reasonable volume of generated wastes, waste characteristics, public acceptance and potential link of the industry for the zero discharge of the waste. Gujarat is categorized by public industrial establishments, strong infrastructure development, and stable socio-political atmosphere.


The Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River resources much of Gujarat with water and power.

Gujarat has also made a significant assurance to expanding solar power production. Natural resources in the state include gypsum, bauxite, feldspar, and limestone.

GPCL specially made, Asia’s most significant “Gujarat Solar Park” to moderate impact of Climate Change and to protect the atmosphere for our future generation, making Solar Sector vibrant and viable not only in our Nation but also across the World.

10. Fertilizer Distribution Business

Compost contributes a large segment of the state’s economy. Manufacturing crucial and minor nutrients are the critical focus area. Fertilizer is a steady business that shows no signs of declining.

Fertilizers are expansively being used to improve per hectare production of yields that can be used for food and industrial claims. Fertilizer distribution is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Gujarat to start with enough capital investment.