Small is Big for Startup Founders –

We Always read in Media for Startups and always in Mind to be a like Flipkart, OLA, Housing, Snapdeal, Alibaba, Uber, Amazon, AIRBNB & many more but do you know about their founders Equity Stake in the Company.
No One Founders hold more than 20% in their Startup and but they are billionaire.

Flipkart :-
Founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal Each Owns 7.5%. Their Individual Stakes Worth More than $800M ( as on Dec. 2014) 

OLA :-
Founder Bhavish Agarwal Owns 12% stake that is worth approx $168M.
Founder Ankit Bhati’s Owns 5% stake that is worth more than approx $70M(As on March. 2015)

Housing :-
Founder Rahul Yadav Owns 5.5% which is worth $13.7M.
Founder Advitiya Sharma Owns 1% worth $2.5M.
4-5 Other CO Founders own under 1% each.

Snapdeal :-
Founder Kunal Bahl Owns less than 5% Stake which is Worth around $100M.

Founder Jack Ma’s Owns 7.4% stake at the time of the Co’s IPO Last Year Estimated to be Worth nearly $13B

Uber :-
Founder Travis Kalanick Owns 8-10% stake which is worth  $3.2-4B.

Founder Jeff Bezos Owns about 18% which is worth nearly $35B.

Founders Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk & Joe Gebbla Owns 15% stake each and its estimated to be individually worth $1.5B in Apr Last Year.

Source : ET on the basis of ROC Filing Industry and Media Reports.