How to setting up ecommerce marketplace in india
These days ecommerce is very popular startup field in the India. so everyone want to setup a ecommerce marketplace where they can sell out thousand of products of the sellers. so today we tell you how you can easily “setting up a ecommerce marketplace in india”.

 For Creating a Marketplace business you have to take following steps :-

a) Get Regiter the Business
b) Set up Interactive Marketplace
c) Drafting Website Legal Terms
d) Drafting Vendor Agreements
e) Set up Logitics Services and Payment Gateway.
f) Start with Growth Marketing

a) Get Register the Business :- As a Business Register you have many option. so some option are followings –

1. Proprietorship Firm

Its a best way to start the business. you need service tax registration and open a current bank account on the name of your business and simply doing the busienss.

if you wanna introduce your product also then you need also VAT Registration i.e is must mandatory for selling products in India.

2. Partnership Firm

Its a best way to start the business when you have partner. but these days partnership firm is out of trend due to LLP Concept in India because in the case of Partnership Firm Cost of Formation is nearby LLP so best is go for the LLP.

3. Limited Liability Partnership

It’s a best business formation in the trend. Reason is simple you can enjoy all the company features in the lowest cost of formation but its require minimum 2 partners. But good thing about the LLP i.e is its not required any minimum capital contribution like the Pvt Ltd Company.

4. Private Limited Company

It’s a best way to register a business when your vision is clear for a big business and wanna seed funding from the angel investor. Angel  Investor always prefer Private Limited Company because it’s a very easy to selling out share in the private limited company.

5. One Person Company

OPC is choose by entrepreneurs when they are alone and doing the business simply without any partners but need a legal status of the company then it’s a best for register the One Person Company. It’s a same as pvt ltd company  but its need just one person.

b) Set up Interactive Marketplace :-

You have 3 option for making any website as a entrepreneurs if you don’t know about the coding or just know the general  knowledge about the computers.

c) Drafting Website Legal Terms

it’s a very important to drafting website terms and conditions because in the marketplace business your tax liability is different and your vendor tax liability is different  so you have to mentioned about the return policy, terms and conditions all the things.

d) Drafting Vendor Agreements

Vendor Agreement is also important part because during the tie with seller you have to decide the many terms and conditions like payout policy and tax liability like VAT so it’s a better to getting Vendor Agreements.

Download the Sample Format from here-

e) Set up Logistics Services and Payment Gateway

Tie up with any best Logistics services like Fedex or GoJavas which are giving best service for ecommerce companies. Even you can contact to ecommerce platforms also , they also help to getting logistics services.

f) Start with Growth Marketing

Just Adpot learning attitude and learn the basic of internet marketing like SEO, SMM, Google Adwords, Faceebook Ads, Optimization of website, participate in the events so you can easily get your first customer. You can hire also the freelancers students and intern for this work.

Hope all the above things helps you. For any doubt you can drop the mail at