In the small-scale manufacturing segment, Paper Cup Business is the comparatively easy business to start. Additionally, you can start the business from both location rural and city. Even, it is a great option for the part-time income opportunity.Paper cups are disposable cups made out of paper and lined with wax or plastic to prevent liquid from soaking the paper. Paper cups are made using food grade paper, which is hygienic and capable of storing both hot or cold liquid for long times.paper cup business

Market for Paper Cup in India

Paper cups are becoming more popular across India as a Paper cups are more eco-friendly than plastic cups and reduce exposure to foodborne infections and diseases. Paper cups are in demand in almost all  IT companies, educational institutions, food canteens, industrial canteen, restaurants, coffee or tea shop, fast food, supermarkets, health clubs and event organizers.

Paper cups are used in a huge quantity on daily basis to serve drinks and food items like tea, coffee, cold drinks, popcorn, sweet corn and others food items. Paper cups can be used only once, so the demand is always higher on every passing day. So If anybody who can properly plan and manage daily, monthly and yearly operation related to paper cup business, one is sure to create huge profits in the market and gain its financial freedom in less time.

How To Start A Paper Cup Business In India

paper cup making business has a potential to give a great return on your investment and is a highly profitable business idea in India. Therefore, we are listing some steps that you need to take for successfully opening this type of business in India: –


Do a complete and full research of the business before commencing as it is very necessary to find out how other existing paper cup manufacturing units are running the business, Find out their applied strategies. Do a survey of the local market demand for the product and find out the customers and the demand for the quality and price of the product.


In Paper cup making business, you will need a capital of 10 to 15 lacs to start the business as the machinery will only cost you around 5 to 6 lacs and there are different other expenses like for purchasing raw material, staffs salary, power, transportation, and others. The expenses may vary depending on the location, so in the step of your research, you can get an idea of the required capital.


You need an area of 200 to 500 sq feet of place to set up your paper cup making business. So if you have that much of empty space in your house, you can start the business at your home only, or else you will need to rent or buy a different place. The location will not be a big factor for the same but it needs to have access to the road for transportation.


Make a perfect business plan which should contain all the details about starting the business to how to run it in a profitable way. The paper cup business plan should contain all details like operation plan, required capital and manpower, competitor analysis, company mission and vision, policies and procedures, marketing process and return on the invested capital etc.With a perfect business plan, you can easily get financial schemes and loans from different banks.


For starting a Paper cup business you need to get company registration done and acquire Gst number and tin/pan number, you can also Contact your local Authorities or business Professional and legal service personnel to get the required information about the required formalities and guidelines.However, there will not be much of difficulties in opening this kind of business.


You need to know the paper cup manufacturing process and how to use the machinery in details.The manufacturing of paper cups goes through three stages. The manufacturing process involves the molding of the sidewall than the bottom.Machinery used for manufacturing, have two options available for the paper cup making i.e. fully automated or semi-automated, A fully automatic machine will come at a price of around 5 to 6 lacs and can produce on an average of 3,000 cups per hour. Get the machinery from a reliable source as it is one of the most important factors of the business. Other machinery used in the process are counting and packaging machine. Major considerations are adequate storage, transportation, sourcing raw materials.


In the of the business stage, you may easily run the business with few staff members and marketing staff later on when the business grows, you can hire more skilled labor and marketing staff to market your product. It always advisable to do proper verification of the staffs you are hiring and it’s better to hire someone with the higher knowledge regarding paper cup making.

Develop Marketing strategies and plans to Find Customers:

It is better to know about the potential customers before commencing for the business. Take contracts from them on the yearly or monthly basis and start manufacturing on the basis of the same.