In Today’s Article at Myonlineca, We will tell you about How to Start Online Bakery Business in India. recently there are lot of the entrepreneurs who’s start Bakery Business From Home. So in this guide we let you know about Bakery Business Ideas or business plan with step by step guide.How to Start Online Bakery Business in India

For India, Bakery Business can be an important factor in eliminating the Problem of unemployment among youth in India. In the Recent Budget, Government of India Has announced many reforms related to Ease of Doing Business in India. The government in Recent years have also come up with many schemes regarding funding of a Business. The Government is also doing its best to create a favorable Business Environment for startup and small and Medium scale Industries in India.

In the Recent years, Online food delivery Business in India has increased at a very high rate and more and more Food companies are favoring online selling of products and services as it can increase the customer base for them.Starting an Online Bakery Business in India has the potential of being the most profitable business Idea.

What Is Online Bakery Business in India

By Bakery we mean any Small, Medium or Big industry which is involved in Production and Selling of flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. By Online Bakery Business We Mean Any enterprise who takes the help of the online medium to sell bakery Products.

How to Start an Online  Bakery Business In India

Follow the steps below to open a Bakery business That are as follows:

Total approximate investment to start a Bakery Business is 15 lakh rupees.

Plan For Online Bakery business In India

You need to make a Business Plan after doing the market study, forming the financial budget, competitor analysis, and market analysis.

Location for the Bakery Business

One of the first steps to start Bakery Business is to set a good location for Office and Kitchen. For a Bakery, the ideal location is shopped on the Ground floor, which is easily accessible and visible. It is advised that a 500 sq ft shop should be divided into two floors, one kitchen should be constructed on the one floor, and another area will be Office area.In addition, while finalizing the location of the bakery, it is important to ensure that this place has the facility of proper water supply and drainage facility. Get proper legal agreement for the property as it will also be required in the paperwork and other licenses. You should also get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the property owner that there is no problem that his shop will be used for food outlet purpose.

Secure Funding for Online  Bakery Business in India

To Secure Fund for Online Bakery Business in India, you can approach a bank and other Financial institutes along with your Business Plan.

License and Permit for the Online Bakery Business in India

Bakery Business requires five licenses: –

  • FSSAI license,
  • GST Registration,
  • Local Municipal Corporation Health License,
  • Police Eating House license,
  • and the Fire License,
  • Trade License.

FSSAI LIcense can be Acquired through the website where an online application for Food License can be made. You can also do this through various agencies, they charge around 5000 for complete paperwork and license fee. For five years the fssai license fee is 15,000 rupees. GST registration can be done with the help of Charted Accountant or a consultant.Business registration can be done by visiting MCA Official Website after choosing a Business entity such as Private Limited Company, LLP, Partnership, Opc etc.You can also get registration under MSME and Startup. You also may need to get License Under Shop and Establishment act from the State Government.

Manpower Required to Start an Online Bakery Business in India

In order to Start .a Online Bakery Business in India, you require chefs and Helpers that are very expert in making bakery items such  Pastries, Biscuits, bread, Pizza and other Bakery will need one Head chef, Pastry chef and at least two helpers for the Kitchen and You may require two to three people as an Office staff even you can help from HR Consultancy in India.

Kitchen Equipment and Raw Material Needed for a Bakery

Kitchen Equipment is very expensive for the Bakery business because every equipment is made of stainless steel, which is tough and long-lasting.

The main equipment required in Bakery is: –

  • Planetary Mixers
  • Oven and Microwave
  • Deep Fridge
  • Cooling Fridge
  • Working table
  • Gas stove
  • Cylinders
  • storage utensils and other equipment

Marketing and Branding of a Bakery Business

Marketing and branding are important for a business, get a properly designed logo with a professional designer. This will help not only create your own unique identity but will also help in your branding during packaging. Also, create a well-designed menu. As You are doing Bakery Business online then you must make full use of Digital Marketing to market your business Online In India.

How to Take Bakery Business Online

Since online ordering is increasing so much now, therefore, online tie-ups are also important.

It is highly recommended that you should create your own website of a bakery. Also, place ‘Order Online’ on your website to attract customers who make the online order. You can also create your online ordering app or you can register for Online food ordering app.


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