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Shops and Establishment Act is mainly designed keeping in mind the employees and employers of the unorganized sector. The main purpose of this act was to give their legal liability and authority to the employers and employees associated with the unorganized employment sector. Apart from this, the purpose of the Shops and Establishment Act is to regulate the status of work and employment in shops, business establishments, in-house hotels, restaurants, restaurants, theaters and other places of public entertainment.All About Shop Act License in Haryana

Under this Act, each state can set its own rules according to the state of its state, so inequality can be seen in different states, working hours, vacations, a government holiday, rules of service, daily wages etc. The Shops and Establishment Act has been structured to regulate the wage, work hours, vacations, holiday, service and other working conditions of employed employees in the shop and other commercial establishments.

What are the Shops and Establishment Act?

This is an act whose structure has been done to regulate the wages, holidays, rules of service, leisure and other working conditions. This Act is regulated by the Labor Department of the Government. And within the scope of this Act, they come to all the business places where any business or business of any kind is being done. The Shops and Establishment not only do not come under the commercial jurisdiction but such a society, charitable trust, printing establishment, educational institutions, which are being run for the purpose of making a profit. Businesses, where activities that are related to banking, insurance, stock brokerage etc. are being carried out, can also be regulated under this Act.

The regulated area under Shops and Establishment Act:

In any state, all shops, and commercial establishments which are functioning under the state fall under this Act. Under Shops and Establishment, Act  Shops are defined as a place where goods are sold at retail or wholesale. Apart from this, where no service is given to the customer, whether it is office, storeroom, warehouse, godown or any other working place are all regulated under this Act. Commercial installations, residential hotels, restaurants and other places of entertainment are also under this Act. Further, if the Indian Government wishes, it can also make other establishments under this Act, whose information is given in the official Gazette. Although each state has its own rules prepared for the Shops and Establishment Act, and if the State Government wants it, in this state, this Act can give the shopkeepers, business people the relaxation for a certain period or permanently also in this Act. Can be exempt from the stated rules.

Shop Act License in Haryana

In the Indian State of Haryana, you can get Shop Act License in Haryana under the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958, that extends to the whole of the State of Haryana.

The registration process for Shop Act License in Haryana

To carry out the Registration for Shop Act License in Haryana with the help of  the online services please follow these basic step given below:

You have to visit the Haryana Labour Department website, the user has to create his / her login Id using operational email-id. The Login Id and password details will be sent to user’s registered email-id and Mobile number. Please make sure you are providing valid, operational email id and mobile number. Please remember your username and password. During the registration Shop Act License in Haryana, the user has to create a profile which is their Basic Information Performa. This performa contains all the basic information of the shop like address, workers, details of occupier/manager, nature of business etc. The information that you provides for Shop Act License in Haryana will be used as a base for availing other services covered under Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1958 such that he/she will not have to provide same information again and again for Shop Act License in Haryana.You need to submit Documents for the Shop Act License in Haryana such as PAN  and Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Id, Photo of Owner, Photo of Shop along with Owner, Rent Agreement, if Rented and Electricity Bill.Make sure the documents are submitted in the prescribed format and size.The user has to pay fees online or offline as per convenience for Shop Act License in Haryana.Submit an application for processing for the Shop Act License in Haryana.The user can track application status of Shop Act License in Haryana online and updates related to Shop Act License in Haryana will be sent on the registered mobile number and email id as well.After successful application processing of Shop Act License in Haryana. online certificate or license containing a 16 digit number will be generated. The user can download the document and start using. The user can get their certificate or license verified from a 3rd party through 16 digit number provided on the document generated online.


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