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So you want to open an  Online Clothing Store in India? It is also a good thing to start an Online Clothing Store in India, there are many advantages: like, you would not have to pay any rent here, and you can find thousands of millions of customers at your convenience from home. However, to achieve success, you should do the same to open an online store as much as you do for any other business. You will need a very good product, a user-friendly website, and a good marketing plan.

How to Setup Online Clothing Store in India

Read This Article Carefully to get full knowledge that is required to Setup Online Clothing Store in India.

How to Setup Online Clothing Store in India

Prepare your product and business plan for Online Clothing Store in India

Decide what you want to sell: If you have an idea of opening an Online Clothing Store in India in your heart, then perhaps you might have thought of a product to sell it in. A lot of things are suitable for selling on an Online Clothing Store in India, but there are also products that can be difficult to sell online on marketplace like Flipkart Paytm etc. Regardless of whether you are making any product, but you will not be able to connect to this customer until you believe in the price of it. Keep in mind the following questions:

  • Are you going to have such a lot of products, or are they the only products (eg, Menswear, Kids Wear, women Wear etc.)?
  • Do you want to sell different types of products, or any kind of products, like T-shirts or Fashion Accessories?
  • Are you preparing this product yourself or get involved with some well-known suppliers?

Identify your Competitors

Which product do you want to sell, this is just a part of starting your online store. You also have to think, what is it that can make your service better than other services available in the market. Why would any customer buy your handpicked sweater, when he can get online hundreds of sweaters?Confront the competition. When you do not see the product of the product in front of you, do not throw your product in the market right away. To sell your product, look for an online market, and try to understand the contours on these portals.Give a product that is totally real. If you are trying to sell handmade craft, keep in mind that it is made of you, and do not copy anybody. So try to combine some things that are completely real, and which are present in the trend.Please give specific information about your product. This is just what can make you talk to the market. Try to make the best of your product in every way. This is the only thing that will help increase your business and service in the market. For example, if you have a passion for good dress, then try to make this hobby your job.To buy it, use a user-friendly process. Even if your product is similar to other products available online, you can still make your store go away and fun. Make your website easily accessible. Try to give your customers some different features, which may not be found in other stores.

First, try to sell your product small

Try to start by selling your product in a small market first, in this way you have an idea of price in the market. To buy it, use a user-friendly process. Even if your product is similar to other products available online, you can still make your store go away and fun. Make your website easily accessible. Try to give your customers some different features, which may not be found in other stores.

Get Your Business Registered

As you will be opening an Online Clothing Store in India, Now you have to proceed for the Online Ecommerce Business Registration in India. You will need to come up with a unique name for the business and get Trademark Registration In India. After that, You need to choose Business Entity such as Private Limited company, Partnership, LLP Opc etc and get it registered by visiting MCA Website India.You can also Get MSME Registration In India and You can register your  Online Clothing Store as StartUp. You need to also get a GST Registration In India.

Create your own Online Clothing Store in India

1 Register domain name: Choose a name that is small, good and easy to remember. Keep it somewhat unique, anyway some very specific names have already been reserved. Find names on the Domain Registration Service, unless you find a good name.If a name of your choice has already been taken by someone, then try to think of something different from yourself.If the name of your choice is chosen by someone, then the Domain Registration Service will help you suggest similar names.

2 Choose a web hosting service: Now that you are opening an online store because it will depend entirely on a website, it is also important to have a good web service. If this is something strange, then this will affect your sales. There are many free web hosting services available, but if you are trying to sell something on it, then you have to choose a service which can provide you with some other options.You will need more space to increase your business.Choose a hosting service that allows you to do some programming and if you want to add an option to it.

3 Design your website: If you want to design it yourself or get help from a web designer. In this, pay attention to your product as well and to be easily found by customers. Do not make your website too bright or too clear, especially if you just want to do online marketing.Include ways to get an email address so that you can send your store ads to them. Keep in mind that the customer has to do a maximum of two clicks to get any product.Choose the color and font you want to use.

4 Select e-commerce software:  It lets your customers view products and securely purchase. This software stores customer information and some financial information store. In some cases, e-commerce software also helps in marketing, like these are also used to send email to customers. Before making any decision, take a look at all the companies, because the one you choose to play will play an important role in your customer’s experience and your company’s success.

5 Create a Merchant Account and decide on Courier service: You will have to open an account with any bank, through which your customer can also make a credit card payment. Taking this facility from the bank can be very costly, so most online stores use PayPal, Paytm, Mobikwik need to also make a choice of which courier service you will use to send products to the customer . you can use couriers such as Bluedart, FedEx, Gojava, Gati etc.

Other Way to Setup Online Clothing Store in India

You can also Setup Your Online clothing store in India on the E-commerce Platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Myntra, Jabong, Voonik, Yepme, Snapdeal etc.For Registration, on this platform, you just need to Have a Business Registration, GST Registration and Fill A Simple Registration Form on The respective E-commerce Website and Pay The Fees.

Attracting and maintaining customers For Online Clothing Store in India

1 Promote your store on Facebook or Twitter: Social Media is a great platform to promote your business, especially online business. Create an account and promote your store on it and motivate your customers to “Like” and “Share”.To promote your store, offer some offers to customers. You can give them some relaxation too.Keep posting information about each new product and deals on your account at all times.

2 Start a blog: By presenting your product in a better way, you can attract a lot of customers to your site. If your site is related to fashion, then start blogging some style which features products from time to time.Some of the All-Inclusive Service Storefront feature blogs.Feature other company’s products to feature on your blog and ask them to feature their products.Send your products to some famous bloggers or websites who review the product.Post guest on other people’s posts. For example, if you are selling homemade products such as cookie mix, then post them on a popular baking blog.

3 Email customers about promotions: Use programs like MailChimp to keep customers’ email addresses organized and match them with special deals. But keep in mind, do not email your customers, again and again, otherwise, they will unsubscribe your email address.


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