In this Guide we will let you know about How to sell on Craftsvilla and How to Get Seller Registration on Craftsvilla. Today online shopping portals have been emerging as one of the profitable business in the industry. Due to ease of online shopping, youths are shifting more towards online websites for shopping which is gaining more and more profits. One such website is Craftsvilla where one can online purchase ethnic wear and sell on CraftsVilla. Are you a seller who is selling ethnic wear offline and earning less profit then you can register on the Craftsvilla  and sell your ethnic wear online and make your business profitable.

What is Craftsvilla?

craftvilla sale

Craftsvilla is an online platform for selling ethnic products, natural and organic products etc like Amazon, Flipkart etc. However, Craftsvilla offers variety of products like sarees, lehanga, jewellery, handmade accessories, salwar suits etc.  Craftsvilla becomes a bridge between local seller and customers. This helps the local seller in making profits, create their business brand and preserve the culture of India and their locality. Any local seller can become a seller on Craftsvilla by following simple process discussed in this article. Additionally, Craftsvilla ships products online.

Advantages of selling on Craftsvilla

  1. Online exposure to your business
  2. Help in building international customers
  3. Will result in profits
  4. Promote your business
  5. Make your business brand in the market
  6. Online presence in the market
  7. Selling is simple and easy
  8. Preserves local culture of the seller

Documents required for registering as Seller on Craftsvilla

For registering as seller on Craftsvilla requires following documents:

  1. PAN Card
  2. GST Registration, if applicable
  3. Identity proof
  4. Cancelled cheque
  5. Bank Account details
  6. Trademark registration certificate, if any.
  7. VAT/TIN

Your will be required to provide following details during the registration as seller:

  1. Shop name
  2. Company name
  3. Phone number
  4. Contact person name
  5. Address
  6. Email address
  7. Password for your vendor id
  8. Detail of your shop
  9. Bank account details
  10. Cheque to be made in name of
  11. PAN Number
  12. VAT/TIN
  13. Shop url

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Procedure for registration as seller

craftvilla rgistration form

  • After registering on the website as a seller, the website will take you to your seller dashboard. You can provide details of your products on the dashboard you will have to provide details like category, name, price, photos and description of your product to sell on Craftsvilla. The seller dashboard will be as in the screenshot below:

craftvilla registration form

  • After listing of your product you can start sell on Craftsvilla online to your customers.

How to Start Sell on Craftsvilla

After your registration as seller on the website you can list your products on Craftsvilla and can online sell your products to your customer. It has to be kept in mind that listing your product on Craftsvilla is free however, they charge commission on completion of sale of a product. The commission charge for kurtis is 35% and for the rest is 45% exclusive of GST. The commission will be calculated on the sale price of product including the shipping cost. However the shipping cost will be borne by the seller.

Things to keep in mind while listing products for Sell on Craftsvilla

  1. Your price should be fair and should include your shipping charges
  2. Photos of your products should express the quality of your product
  3. Description of your product should be unique and able to identify your product
  4. Your product should not infringe any other person’s intellectual property rights.

You can also refer to the training videos uploaded by Craftsvilla on


In today’s online world where all things from small to large are being sold in the online market, online presence is very essential. For many people mainly youth, online market has been substituting the local markets. One such portal is Craftsvilla which provides the seller of ethnic products an online platform to enhance his customer base. Nowadays online presence of one’s business is very relevant to be in competitive and profitable.