This is Common Question for the People Who’s want to start an Online Liquor Business in India. They are confusing about Can you sell Liquor Online in India. So let’s talk abut How to Sell Liquor Online in India.

Before the starting a Liquor Business in India we have to know about the License or Government legal things which are one of the most important factors before starting Liquor Business in India.

How to Sell Liquor Online in India

For the Starting a Liquor Business in India you have to require License from  the Excise Department State Government. Liquor License and Rules & Regulations are held by the each state government like from the selling timing to age or there are a lot of factors which is regulated by the each state government in India.

How to Sell Liquor Online in India

Now for the Selling Liquor Online in India you have 2 type of the Business Model

a) Online Marketplace as Selling Online Liquor in India-

As an Online Marketplace, you have to tie up with the Authorized retailers for the selling Liquor in the Particular area.This type business model works on the commission basis but they have to complete the each state rules and regulations.Even in some state you can’t operate the normally as a Marketplace because some state laws are imposed a ban on the Liquor consumption and selling. even in some state you can’t deliver the Liquor at Home.

As per Wikipedia Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi.However, Delhi permits home delivery of beer and wine by private vends and departmental stores. The sale of beer at departmental stores, banquet halls, and farm houses, is legal in Delhi

In the 2014 Dhruv Khandelwal started LetsBudyDrink.Com as a Marketplace in the Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Mumbai with the seed capital 10 lacs buts its Now as per their website its Shut Down.

Lets Buy Drink Website Shut Down

Apart from Letsbuydrink, there are some other players like or in Mumbai or Delhi started the operations some years back but Now all of these shutdowns as per their website.

WineBazzar Shut Down

b) Own Shop and License in Particular Area –

When you have a Retail Shop for the Selling Liquor in your area as per your state government rules and regulations then you can start the Website also for the selling in Particular Area but in that case, you have to require all the Proper License from the state government and compiled the Age verification & other Rules.

In the Bangalore, a Retailer Madhuloka which has own 17 stores across the Bangalore started their online portal to selling the Liquor in the particular areas by their stores. Right now it’s operating as per their website information but we think they have the proper license and maintain the rules  regulations of the Karnataka Government.

Even all the Website have to try the maintain the age limit checks by demanding a scanned copy of a photo identity proof during online registration.

Madhuloka website

Market in the Online Liquor Business in India-

There is good Market in the Online Liquor Business in India but you have to maintain a lot of regulations and risky business due to legal limitations. Below is Good Slide on the Liquor Business Market in India.

Helpful Resources on the Starting Liquor Business in India

Hope this article helpful to you for the understanding about the Starting an Online Liquor Business in India.