In Today’s Article at Myonlineca, We will tell you all about How to Sell on Ebay USA ( from India, which will enable you to start selling on Ebay Website in the USA. If you are a dealer on eBay India who feels that there is a decent shot that your items can offer globally? Well at that point, you have to begin offering your items on eBay’s universal site. We comprehend that the method to set up shop on the International site is a monotonous undertaking. To make your life less difficult, we are giving you a well-ordered approach to list your items on eBay’s worldwide locales (.com,, and so on.).

How to Sell on Ebay USA from India

Here are the means by which to go about it:

  1. Indian merchants need a PayPal account. PayPal is a prominent computerized installment framework which is utilized by commercial centers everywhere throughout the world. It disentangles the entire procedure of installments. Be that as it may, in India, PayPal clients have limitations.

  2. After you have made your PayPal account, you have to connect it to your financial balance. The above connection likewise has data on the most proficient method to approach doing this.

  3. You can utilize your eBay India record to log in to the .com (and site however we suggest that you open another account. We are stating this since criticism from your Indian clients would appear on your universal item postings and the client outlook differs in these nations contrasted with India. It is best to keep both your records particular.

  4. In the wake of doing this, you should advise eBay India about this new record and sit tight for them to empower the record, coming up short which your record won’t be actuated and along these lines, your things won’t be recorded.

  5. You will then need to interface the account you have made to Paypal. After you have done this, your postings will be empowered.

  6. With regards to Shipping, you could pick eBay’s CBT shipment understanding or you could pick your own coordinations accomplice. We would prescribe that you run with the CBT shipping program on the off chance that you are doing this out of the blue.

  7. The CBT shipment accomplice for eBay in India is FedEx. You can look into their conveyance rates by heading off to this connection. By consenting to the CBT shipping program, you should pay for delivery to eBay’s offices. Like we specified before, you are allowed to utilize your messenger administrations on the off chance that it sounds good to you.

  8. When the sum total of what this has been done, you can begin posting and offering your items on In any case, the number of items that you can rundown will be restricted to 10.

  9. To expel this limitation, you should send some confirmation papers over to eBay. Reports required are:
  • Address Proof
  • ID proof
  • Buy charge or purchase Bill (This is required so as to demonstrate that you possess your items).

This is a one time confirmation.

  1. After you have done this and it reflects in eBay’s framework, your posting breaking point will increment to 150 things. In the event that you need to offer more things, you should connect with eBay India to expand as far as possible.

  2. Here is the breakdown of the expenses that you will be charged will offering your items on eBay’s worldwide site:
  • 10% eBay Final Value Fee
  • 4.5% PayPal exchange expense
  • $0.3 or Rs. 15 as Listing Fee
  • Delivery cost > Rs.500

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