In Today’s Article at myonlineca, We will tell you about  How to Sell on Amazon USA from India. In the past a businessman was confined to a small region to sell his products or else a huge amount of money was required for supplying the items in other regions and that to with so many limitations.Now one need not be a big businessman to seek his customers in other states of the country or even abroad like the USA. This can easily be done now from one’s own establishment using the technology. A website of your own is required to start an online business and to be developed for illustration of your products or else you may use a third party e-commerce portal for selling your products. even you can start your Dropshipping business for the same.

How to Sell on Amazon USA from India

For selling the products in the USA, you have to follow the following steps-Registration at and opening of seller account, fulfillment and Shipping, customer support and return. Please note It is required that you have to be registered in even if you are already registered on for selling your products.

How to Sell on Amazon USA From India ( Registration and seller account on From India )

You will be registered on with your name, email id, and password.After registration on, you have to create sellers account by providing your business details, phone no., a valid international credit card, and tax information. For tax information, you will have to complete a W-9 form if you are a US taxpayer or W-8BEN for if you are a non-US taxpayer. Your status for this will be determined by following an online step by step interview. You will also be required to inform whether you want to sell as an individual where the fee is charged on commission bases per item and transactions are limited to less than forty or as professional where the fee is charged as monthly subscription plus an additional fee for items sold and no limit on transactions.Here also in you seller accounts, you are required to enter the items you want to sell.Please note that items selected should meet the standards and specifications of USA. Saleable items falling in open category do not require any approval while other products require approval from Amazon. If requirements are completed as indicated by Amazon, approval can be requested by using the Contact us form.  Items may be added or deleted also afterward.For selling your products, log in your seller account, click your products for sale, enter quantity, price, details, and specifications of the product, shipping details and estimated time of supply.

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Fulfilling and Shipping

On your own When customers in the USA purchase your products on Amazon, to complete these orders you have to ship them yourself internationally direct to your customers. So you have to choose the carrier that can ship internationally.The carrier acts as the broker by default according to the terms and conditions on the freight bill. upon delivery of goods, The Duties will be collected from the buyer.

Customers should be provided with accurate information about the country from which you are shipping your product. Specifically, you need to accurately state the ‘shipping from’ country in your seller profile and manage customer expectations by stating the actual shipping times from your country. For all orders you receive You will be responsible to meet the shipping expectations

International shipping charges depend upon package dimensions and weight, delivery time and source (where you are shipping from) and destination (where you are shipping to).

You should be aware of customs duties and taxes that will need to be paid, In addition to the above charges. Amazon is not responsible for any customs duties and taxes associated with FBA inventory. Any shipments arriving at an Amazon fulfillment center with customs duty charges due is returned to sender.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

An alternative way to fulfill your international orders is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in the country corresponding to the Amazon marketplace where you are listing your products i.e.USA. You are required to send your products for storage in an Amazon fulfillment center at the USA, in order to sell them to customers who will be placing an order for them by using Fulfillment by Amazon.

By using FBA you can decrease the shipment time to your customers making your offers more competitive and provide returns and local language support. Shipping task is also taken care of by Amazon fulfillment center.

Customer Support & Returns

When fulfilling yourself

It’s not just the picking, packing, and shipping to customers that you’ll need to handle. Customers expect prompt, helpful service when they have questions or concerns about your products. So a timely and local language support is needed. You may be tempted to use automated computer translators or hire a third party service providers.

When listing in an international marketplace and fulfilling items on your own, you must either provide customers with a local return address within the country of their Amazon marketplace website or offer them free shipment for returns.

Customer support when using Fulfillment by Amazon

When you use Fulfillment by Amazon to ship the orders, Amazon will give  24-hour customer support on your behalf in the local language of the International Customers. It will also take care of every query or customer help required. Even the returns, refunds or partial refunds are taken care of.For payments, you may open an account in USA bank or use currency converter and get money at your place.


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