Today we at MyOnlineCA discuss about How to Register Proprietorship Firm Name in India. Sole Proprietorship firm name registration is important because firm registration will not secure your firm name and it can be misused by your competitor so you should register your firm name.  You can register your firm name under intellectual property laws for e.g. Trademark.

register proprietorship firm name

Nowadays trademark registration of a business name is very important without obtaining trademark anyone can steal your business name and can misuse it. In this article, we talk about registration of a firm name under trademark registration and how to register proprietorship firm name under trademark so after reading this article you will get an idea about it.

Trademark is a logo, numerals, slogan, and brand name, by which customer can easily recognize the firm and can differentiate the products and services of competitors. A trademark registration gives protection under the laws and firm name will be secure, basically, the sole proprietorship firm registration is not secure the brand name registration and nowadays it is very important to secure brand name so trademark can be obtained for the firm name.

How to register proprietorship firm name

Proprietorship Firm Brand name can be register under the Trademark Law Only because Proprietorship Firm is not like private limited company registration where your firm name will be secured. So throughout the Trademark you can secure your Proprietorship Firm name and logo both the same.

Below are Steps to Register Proprietorship Firm name throughout the Trademark Law  –

Step 1 : The first step is Trademark research, you have to visit the official website of Trademark registration where you have to conduct research for your proprietorship brand name, research is important so you will know that the brand name you want to get trademarked is already registered or not. After research, you will find out how many names are already registered similar to your brand name. This is an important step for checking proprietorship firm name availability because you will find that whether your name is available for trademark or not so you have to conduct trademark research first.

Step 2 : After research you need to file your application for trademark registration. This application should be filled in a prescribed manner and you can fill this form through an online or offline method. Online procedure is simple and for filing an online form you have to visit the official website of Trademark registrar and you have to file the fee of trademark registration along with the application. Application of registration must contain the following things-
– Logo or the Trademark Name related to the Proprietorship
– Name and address of the Proprietorship
– Classification or Trademark Class
– Trademark used since date or Proprietorship Registration Date
– Description of the goods or services
– Legal Entity as Proprietorship Firm.

Step 3 : After filing of the application, you will get a trademark application allotment number within one or two working days, you can also track your application on the official website of the trademark.
After allotment of trademark application number, the trademark registrar will sent trademark for Vienna classification, during this time period your status will show that “sent for Vienna codification”.

Step 4 : After completion of Vienna codification, your application of registration will be sent to the trademark officer and he will check your application and if he found any error then he can object your application and then you have to appear before him and have to remove the objection. Then your application will be accepted by the trademark officer.

Step 5 : After acceptance of the application, your trademark will be published in the trademark journal so the public can see the journal and public can object your application within 90 days of publication in the journal. If there is no objection found then your trademark certificate on your Proprietorship Brand Name will be allotted to you within the prescribed period. After obtaining a certificate you will get exclusive right on your firm name.

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Why It’s Required to Register Proprietorship Firm Name

Now a days competition is tough and anyone can steal your proprietorship firm name and can misuse it and people will be misguided by your competitor by using similar name to your business name so you should register your business name under trademark for exclusive right. you will get exclusive right on your sole proprietorship firm name and after obtaining a trademark on your sole proprietorship firm name no one can steal or copy your business name so you should register your business under Trademark so you will get many benefits of proprietorship firm under the laws.


As you can see in the above-given article that sole proprietorship firm name registration is important for securing rights as the name is not secured until the registration under intellectual property laws and you can easily register your firm name under trademark. As you can see that process of trademark registration is very easy and after trademark registration, you will get exclusive rights on your firm name so you should register your firm name under trademark laws.