Hey Guys Today in this Article we are talking about What is the Meaning of the Refund Awaited or ITR Processed with Refund Due. Actually After submission of the ITR, on Income Tax Portal there is Message Showing as Refund Awaited on Home Screen And ITR Processed with Refund Due in Filed Return Screen.

What is Meaning of Refund Awaited ?

Once you Submit your Income Tax Return, after that CPC Bangalore Process the ITR and Issue a Intimation Letter where your Refund has been Decided. So after that on the Home Screen there is Pop Up Showing as Refund Awaited which means Income Tax Department already determined your Refund which will be issued soon into your Linked bank account.

What is Meaning of ITR Processed with Refund Due?

If the status reads “processed with refund due,” that signifies that your tax return has been filed and that you should get your refund 20 to 45 days from the ITR processing date. If your refund request has been rejected, the AO may have updated their estimate of your tax liability. You will see the explanation for the denial, and if further tax is requested or an ITR needs to be corrected, you will receive notification from the IT department. In this situation, you are required to submit a Revised return in or pay the additional tax on the demand letter.

How to Check ITR TDS Refund Status on Portal?

There are two approaches to Check ITR refund status:

  • The Income Tax E-filing Portal
  • The Portal for TIN-NSDL

How do I use an e-filing website to check the status of my income tax refund?

To Check ITR Refund Status on Official Income Tax Site you need to Follow Below Instructions –
Step 1 – Login into the official Portal of Income Tax
Step 2 – Go to Filed Return and Check your ITR is Goes under Processing or Not
Step 3 – Check Your Intimation Letter has been issued or Not
Step 4 – Download your Intimation Letter and Cross Check your Refund has been issued or Not.

For further Information on ITR Refund Status through Official Portal you can checkout below Video – https://youtu.be/rbQONvkQHeg

How do I use the TIN NSDL website to check the status of my income tax refund?

To obtain refund status on the TIN NSDL website, follow the instructions provided:

Step 1: Go to the official website, which is located at https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/refund-status-pan.html.
Step 2: Fill out the captcha, PAN, and assessment year.
Step 3: To check the status of the refund, click “Proceed.”

For Further Information you can checkout below ITR Refund Status through TIN NSDL Website – https://youtu.be/5tNQcn73x8Y

How to Check Bank Pre Validation for the Income Tax Refund ?

Income Tax Department issue the TDS Refund Only when your bank is Pre Validated in Income Tax Portal. So you need to follow Below Steps to Cross Check Bank Pre Validation

  • Just Go to Income Tax Profile and Check Your Bank Account No and IFSC Code & Type of the Account Mentioned in the Profile.
  • Make Sure there is Green Check on the Validation of the Account.
  • If your Mobile Number is not matched with bank registered number then you need to update the same.

You can checkout this Video for the Reference on Bank Pre Validation – https://youtu.be/05gabEdJtCs

How Do I Request a Reissued Refund ?

After bank Pre Validation still sometime Refund has been failed due to some issues in that case you will get the Notification on your email and SMS for the Refund Failure where you need reissue the Refund Request.

The following are the steps to seek a refund:

Step 1: To log in, click the following link: https://portal.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/UserLogin/LoginHome.html and fill out your User ID, Password, date of birth, and the captcha code.

Step 2: then Select “Service Request”.

Step 3: Select the option “Refund Reissue” under the “Request Type” category and click on “New Request” under the “Request Category” section.

Step 4: A screen containing the acknowledgment numbers for each fiscal year that you filed your income taxes will appear. In the “Response” section for the year you desire the refund, click “Submit.”

Step 5: Complete the form by entering your bank account information, including account type, IFSC code, and bank name, and then click “Submit.”

Step 6: A few days later, the money will be returned to your bank account.

Conclusion –

So Hope now your all doubts regarding the Meaning of Refund Awaited or ITR Processed with Refund due has been cleared. If you want to avail our Consultancy Services then Checkout Our Website myonlineca.in