Private security agency is silently protecting our society when government agencies and mechanisms put by them fail to do so. Private security guards are present almost everywhere these days from malls, societies to companies and schools. There’s no place which could function without a security guard, the rapid increase is often due to the increasing crime in the society.In this,  article we will tell you procedure and steps to get Private Security Agency License in India.How to get private security agency license In India

How to get private security agency license

Private security agencies are those organizations involved in providing security services including training of security guards to any industrial or business undertaking or a company or any other person or property. The Formation and Running of a private security agency, in India Falls under the Domain of  The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005.

Private Security Agencies Act 2005

The Private Security Agencies Act, 2005 regulates all aspects of the operation of private security agency business in India. The Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir and is in existence since June 2005.The main purpose of the Private Security Agencies Act is to standardize the rights and duties of private security agencies and other issues in connection therewith.

Appointment of Controlling Authority by State Govt

The act is a state-specific act and gives power to  State Government to make rules for carrying out the provisions of this Act. Therefore, many of the States have implemented Private Security Agencies Rules to effectively discharge the responsibilities of the State Government under the Act.The Controlling Authority for the State is responsible for the issuance of private security agency license, renewal and regulation of the operation of private security agencies.The Act empowers the Central Government to appoint an officer of the Home Department equivalent to the Joint Secretary of the State to act as the Controlling authority. A person with similar rank shall also be appointed by the Government.

Eligibility for Private Security Agency License

The companies which are based in India or whose majority shareholders are Indian nationals are eligible for security agency license. In addition to the above condition, Some category of people are eligible for obtaining a license for a private security company which is:

  • The person or company who is not  convicted of an offence in connection with promotion, formation or management of a company (any fraud or misfeasance committed by him in relation to the company), including an undischarged insolvent
  • The person or company should not be held by a competent court for any offence.
  • The person or company is required not to have any links with any organization or association which is banned under any law on account of their activities which pose threat to national security or public order.
  • The person cannot be prohibited or terminated from Government service on grounds of misconduct or moral turpitude.

Fee for Private Security Agency License

  • The government fee for obtaining security agency license is as follows:
  • Private security agency operating in one district: Rs.5000/-
  • Private security agency operating in one to five districts: Rs.10000/-
  • Private security agency operating in entire state: Rs.25000/-

Process of getting private security agency license

An application for acquiring a license for private security agency shall be made to the Controlling Authority of the concerned state along with a specific form which has to be filled for this purpose.The applicant shall submit an affidavit incorporating the details as mentioned by the authority in the concerned state, it includes information like name, proof of address, experience, policies and procedures, certificate or document that provides evidence that no criminal case is filed against you and other eligible documents.

On receipt of an application, the Controlling Authority may refuse to grant a license if the information furnished by you is found not to be satisfactory and may grant a license if it satisfactory after verification. The license is granted in a period of sixty days from the date of receipt of application.After  Controlling Authority grants the license then your agency is required to commence operations within six months of obtaining the license.

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