To come up with new and innovative ideas one needs to conduct a lot of research and have to study for a longer period of time. To invent something means to make something new and innovative or find a new way in which an existing thing can be used. So protecting your innovative idea becomes significant for the person who generates it from getting copied or modified by its competitors or rivals. To do so we have Patent, copyright, and trademark as a medium of protecting the intellectual property. The patent, copyright, and trademark are the rights that are provided by the government institutions to the creator of intellectual property to exclusively use his/her creation idea or invention for a limited period of time.The patent, copyright, and trademark are not same terms they have different meaning and it is essential for the Owner of intellectual property to know what are the major differences.

So first we will explain you the meaning of Patent, copyright, and trademark and then we will point out the difference between these terms.

Patent Vs Copyright Vs Trademark

What Are Patents ?

A Patent protects your rights to an invention which may include Apps ,Web sites, machines, processes, or chemical compositions, new Business Process or the design of some product.Patent exclusive right to the owner to use its invention in any way possible or sell it to anyone, Patents provide the user with a full monopoly on the invention.An invention relating either to a product or process that is new, involving an inventive step and capable of the industrial application can be patented in India.

What is Copyright ?

Copyright is used to protect the Work and ideas of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians and producers of sound recordings, computer software, architects, and other creative professionals.Copyrighting provides a person with legal protection and ownership over the creative work and allows him to sell or give permission of modification for a Fee or Money.

What is Trademark ?

Trademarks are used as branding of Products or Services of an organization.Trademarks are logos, designs, jingles, slogans, word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colours that used to identify and represent your company, product, or service. Trademarks are mostly used to protect brand names, business names, slogans and business processes that can be copied or modified by the rival companies or competitors.

The Major Difference Between Patent, Copyright, and Trademark

In the above paragraphs I have given you the meaning of the terms now I will provide you with what is the difference between  Patent, Copyright and Trademark that is as follows:

Usage of Patent, Copyright, and Trademark

Patents are mainly used to secure invention and innovations relating to a product or Business process that is new, innovative and is capable of having industrial application. Softwares and business ideas do not come in the domain of being patented in India.

Copyright is used to secure literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other creative works In India. A software or Apps, business ideas and databases can be copyrighted under the Copyright Act.

Trademarks are commonly used by individuals, commercial and non-commercial businesses to protect brand names, business names, slogans, logos and more from being stolen by rival companies.

Registration of Patent, Copyright, and Trademark

The Registration of patent and trademark applications is handled by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry In India. The Registration of Copyright applications comes under the domain of the Copyright Office, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Validity of Patent, Copyright, and Trademark

Patent registrations have a validity for the periods of 20 years from the date of application. Copyrights have a validity of 60 years from the date of application. Trademark registrations are valid for  10 years from the date of application.