Recently Central Board of Excise and Customs have issued an Email Notice to all the Service Tax Assessee which are registered under the Service Tax Registration. Recently in the month of October we already give you advice on the Filings of the NIL Service Tax return weather are you doing the business or not. So in this guide, we are discussing the Non Filing of Service Tax Return Notice which is sent by the department on the registered email ids.

Non Filing of Service Tax Return

Here are the snapshot and content which is mentioned in the Email Notice on non filing of service tax return.

non filing of service tax return

So as per this notice it’s a just notification or alert which is sent to all the assessee which are not file their service tax return till the 25th Oct 2016. Service Tax return due dates are very important if you are registered under the service tax act. you have to know always about How to file the Service Tax return.

Now if you do not file the service tax return till the date then there is still a chance that you can file it right now without any penalty if have zero transactions or not doing the business or have the turnover less than 10 lac in a year.

if you charge the tax from your clients then you have to pay to the government with the interest through the Online Challan & proper accounting code.

Conclusion – So you have to not worry about this email because it’s a just notification or Email alert by the department which is considered as a normal activity of the  Central Board of Excise and Customs. but there is a note for those who are not filing the service tax return till the date. you have to must file the proper service tax return whether it’s a zero or NIL transactions or close the business.