Today in this Guide we are talking about Letter for Delink Aadhaar from Pan Card. As you know that you need to send a Letter to AO Officer for Request on Delink Aadhaar from Pan Card.

In the Previous Article we talk about the Standard Procedure for Delinking Aadhar From Pan Card.

What are the Things Mentioned in the Letter for Delink Aadhar From Pan Card –

  • Its a Grievance Letter where you need to Mentioned the Proper Reason for Delinking PAN and Aadhar
  • If you are holding the 2 pan card then first you need to surrender the pan card.
  • Apart from this you need to mentioned proper all relevant documents etc.

How to Download Letter for Delink Aadhaar from Pan Card –

There is no Standered Format for Letter for Delink Aadhaar from Pan Card so you can create yourself or else you can take the help from our Professional Expert & Download our Premium Format Letter for Delink Aadhaar from Pan Card.

What is the Procedure for Delinking Process on PAN & Aadhar –

Step 1 – You need to Create this Letter of Grievance and have to submit your local AO Officer. You can find the details of AO Officer Here on the same.
Step 2 – then AO Officer forward your application after verify all the details to Income Tax System Department Delhi where they proceed further on Delinking Process.

Ways to Sent Letter for Delink Aadhaar From Pan Card to AO Officer –

Once you Find the details of the AO Officer and local income tax department address then you have to Physically visit the Department & have to meet with the AO Officer. Once you submit this letter they provide to you Acknowledgement Receipt on the same. If Income Tax Department Location is far away from your Location then you can send via the Indian Speed Post but in that case if any documents are not provided then you application will be rejected on the same.

So Hope now your all doubts has been cleared on Letter letter for delink aadhaar from pan card.