Everyday in India entrepreneurs start a online website for selling goods and services or build a product or App but they don’t know about i.e website or any web base online business needs Website Terms and Conditions For Indian Website. Website Terms and Conditions depend on type of the business and website. so lets discuss about how to generate website Terms and Conditions for website which operate in India.

Popular type of website you can create

  1. Blogs

    Blogs are used for the Articles Writing and Promoting the website and For Search Engine Optimization because Content is the King in Digital Marketing. so every blogger have to should provide disclaimer in the article to minimize the legal liability. if blogs hires Employees and Editors or Guest Authors so for that Editorial and Publication Policy like (intellectual property rights or IPR) of third parties, moderation guidelines etc) is very important part for a website.
    Most of the Blogs also Collect the data through the subscription widget as Email or other things so they have also provide the privacy policy for a website. Bloggers have also provide unsubscriber option on their mailing list when they sending the promotion and other emails.

  2. Membership Websites

    Membership websites is generally used by the Ecommerce websites or as social network or as subscription based model where website is charge x money per month or per year for providing valuable information or services
    so in that case website owners have to provide privacy policy, a refund policy and Terms & Conditions for user agreements, rights of users, user obligations etc.

  3. Affiliate Marketing or Advertising Website 

    Affiliate Marketing website generally used as Coupon website or bloggers which promoted as product reviews and links with eCommerce or any other website. in that case Ecommerce website have to provide their Affiliate Marketing Agreements Details, Payout Policy, Payment and Termination Terms etc.

  4. Marketplace Website or Commission Based Website 

    Marketplace and Commission Website is generally used by lot of the users in India. From the On Demand Services to brokerage all are website running on these models. For example Ola, Uber cabs and hotel bookings online website, ECommerce Marketplace. these type website have to provide their copyright, privacy, vendor agreements, refund policy, logistics agreements , third party data request & many more polices.

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