To keep pace with the accelerated growth of businesses and economy, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are releasing e-Form INC-29.This form focuses on the ease of doing business initiatives. The lengthy time period of approximately one month has been shortened to 24 hours from application.

INC-29 is a combined form for application for DIN, Name Availability and Incorporation.

Details about Integrated e-form for incorporation of Companies (INC 29) are :-

  • INC 29 is only an option. It means existing incorporation process also continued.
  • Now Company can incorporated within 24 working Hours after filed INC 29 with MCA portal. Separate queue for processing INC-29 has been created at ROC back office.
  • Consolidated fee charged for INC 29.
  • Only Single Name allowed to be filed with One resubmission option.
  • Section 8 Company not included in this process.
  • If form is rejected then refund needs to be applied through Refund Form.
  • Maximum DIN allotted in INC 29 is only 3.
  • INC 22 filed separately.
  • MOA/AOA could be filed, physically signed, scanned and attached to the form. Option is available for amending the MOA/AOA.
  • All attachments/ Declarations/ Proofs, etc will be required for the form.
  • Two Resubmissions will be permitted.
  • Certificate of Commencement of Business will continue.
  • INC-29 is not a STP form.

Source : TaxLane